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Thread: Server Installation & Mods (How-to)

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    {DCS} Matrix

    Server Installation & Mods (How-to)

    I redesigned the website on which I keep information of Unreal. You will find on the site information on how to set-up a Dedicated UT3 Server and how to install Modifications on a Dedicated UT3 Server. The installation of a Dedicated UT3 Server consists of :

    Installation of Dedicated Server consists of :
    Creating CMD & Testing CMD file.
    Installing UT3 Bonuspack.
    Installing Titan Pack.
    Installing Latest Patch.
    Installing UT3 Crashfix Executable.
    Installing & Testing Orb Fix.
    Setting Up & Testing Vote.
    Installing WebAdmin &Testing WebAdmin.
    Installing UT3 Dedicated Server As A Service.

    The Mods that are spoken of are :
    AFF Planetstorm
    Bombing Run
    Battle RPG
    Battle Team/Freezetag Arena (BTFA)
    - Invasion
    - Galtanors Invasion
    - RBTT Invasion
    - Zombie Invasion
    Jail Break
    Kelters Bombing Run

    Hope it is helpful.

    Kind Regards,
    {DCS} Matrix

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    {DCS} Matrix
    2012-05-02 After some time not having enough time for editing the website, I found some time again and added the installation of some mutators.
    The Mutators that are added
    All Weapons , Auto Health, No Deployables, No Power-Ups, Rader Impact Extension and Rocket Match

    2012-06-09 Added 15 Gb Maps to Download.
    BR, CTF, DM, DOM, GRD, KBR, TH, vCTF, WAR and Mappacks

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    Is this still going? As I'm looking at how to set up my mutator to use on my dedicated server at the moment

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    Seems pointless unless you enjoy playing with bots. Honestly, there are more people playing ut99 than ut3 but both games are for all intensive purposes DEAD.

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    {DCS} Matrix
    Dear Youg3.

    Yes, the site is still up and running

    Link for Mutators :

    Link for Dedicated Server Installation :

    Kind Regards

    {DCS} Matrix

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