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Thread: can not use console in 2011-06 UDK??

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    can not use console in 2011-06 UDK??

    update my udk from 05 to 06 June,but it seems to be something wrong with my console command,it does not work.
    command like behindview does not work,and it says 'command not recognized'
    what shall i do if i wanna use console command in June Version?

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    behindview works fine for me with June.

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    that's strange,now i have installed May and June,two version,and i can alway use cosole command with no error in May,and 'command not recognized' in June,what's wrong?

    and i find something new,in June version,if i open an udk project like 'DM-Deck.udk',jump in,i can use console command correctly,if i setup a new project from ground such as 'Blank Map',then it will go wrong.

    and i notice that if i jump in,i don' have my fps view,i mean it does not display robot's hands and gun,i can not fire,

    honestly i didn' realize this before,is that why the console command does not work?do i need to config something to act like May version,back to the fps view with my hands and gun displayed?and maybe the console command can work again?

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    The console commands and the hands showing up are due to the fact that you aren't using the UTGame scripts when you create a new level. The defaults are probably something like None or UDKGame or something.

    If you go into the world info and change the gametype to UTGame or UTDeathmatch or what ever they are called the console commands should work and you will have your guns back.

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    thank you,with deathmatch selected,now i can test my scene as before.

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