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Thread: Shift - UDK Indie Demo

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    Shift - UDK Indie Demo

    Objective: Build a fully playable demo using Unreal Development kit.
    Time frame: 1 year

    Part 1 - Planning: Establish game type, art style, objectives, and any other specifics about the game
    Part 2 - Art: Begin the base component of the artwork, allowing for a "look and feel" for the game
    Part 3 - Art/Level: Construct the level, finish the art, add in the programming elements.
    Part 4 - Finish Everything!: Get the level art and programming done.

    This game was a collaboration of 6 individuals. The goal: have a fully playable game for use of portfolio, and experience. Each member of the team worked on the game in regards to their strengths, ultimately trying to establish an experience for working with others. Throughout the year there were many debates, decision changes, and headaches, but the end result is definitely something that pleased everyone.

    The Game:

    Shift is a third-person sci-fi shooter, taking place on earth's moon after a successful colonization attempt. The artificial atmosphere mimics that of earth for a more comfortable surroundings.
    Your name is Valshar The Keeper. As you land to investigate the disturbances that HQ reported in, you are immediately fired upon. Thinking quickly and relying on the tactics taught to you by your mentor, you dodge out of the way and take cover. A cylindrical door stands in your way, as you use your psionic mind powers to open it, you recall your troubled past. A glint in your visor reminds you of the furiously large scar across your face. After taking a moment to flush the vomit from your helmet, you proceed with your mission. You realize that this colony has had a massive failure with the cloning procedure instituted by HQ. "F*****n HQ they always f*** things up" you think extremely loudly. Taking your pistol in your hand you think back and remember your old partner Jeff. "Ha good ol Jeff!.. Always getting into trouble". You then Proceed down the corridor...

    No but in all seriousness, we don't really have a story for this. We had initially planned for a story teaser. Just 1 level of a beginning to a story, but after getting all of the thumbnails of that storyline drawn out, we decided.. hey, why not do multiplayer. The original intent of the game was to have sort of a scifi vs steam punk shooter, with levels that mixed both worlds. unfortunately due to time and other things, we had to altogether drop the steam punk section, as well as multiplayer, because (and I will make a strong note of this... WE ARE NOT PROGRAMMERS), and we don't know how to replicate for multiplayer.

    Anyway, here's the main focus. This was a HUGE learning experience for all of us, and we sort of treat this project now as a "R&D" for any future projects we work on together.

    Features of this game:
    • Third Person Camera
    • Should Switching
    • Cover
    • Sprinting
    • Reload system
    • Reticule bloom (not shown in HUD but it is there)
    • Roll-Dodging

    We have a team of great modelers, animators, and level designer(s, mostly 1 guy), and now we are adapting to programming a bit more.

    So, I'll go ahead and put in some credits here, even though they are in the game, but the guys worked really hard so they deserve to have their names shown.

    Alex Barcelo (Hitsugen)
    Anthony Barcelo (Death-a-Matron)
    Gaby Garcia
    Justin Buentello
    Randall Natal
    Sean Marino (Oniram)

    So without further adieu, I present to you our game demo, Shift. Here is a quick layout of the keys, and a screenshot of the game. Below that, a link to download.





    ALSO! i know, i know, you just want the game already, but first you must know of some issues..
    There are quite a few bugs still with this so let me explain them before you come back in a rampage.

    AI (in general). Coding the AI was no easy task, so they are fairly simple from a distance. Occasionally they will not follow you and try and shoot you through walls.
    Turrets: for some reason, when we test on a regular level, it will stop detecting you outside of its radius. On our level, it wont. Advice: KILL THE TURRETS
    Checkpoints: The checkpoint system is screwy, it often leaves you facing backwards, and you'll often be thrown to the wrong one. Sorry (or hey, it may throw you ahead)
    Warnings: UDK insists on warning you that you are running out of time. You are not. Ignore the woman screaming at you that there are 5 minutes left.
    Cover: This isnt gears (yet lol). some spots will not allow you to take cover due to 2 cover areas being too close.
    Shooting through walls: It happens.

    If you should happen to find any other bugs (there will be some), report them. They probably wont be taken care of but its nice to know.

    Now..I give you.. Shift

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    Looks great. Downloading... Tell you how it went tomorrow.

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    Looks cool! I really like the idea of a futuristic city environment with flying cars/ships like that.

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    Nice work!!...Downloading now.

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    Those are some really nice environments. Love the clean art style.

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    it's nice .

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    this looks so awesome ...




    i think it's done mostly with modular meshes, no?

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    That game looks real good! I just got through playing it and I was amazed. I really hope your team finishes it lol

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    Just played it, and I got to say. Its pretty cool . Although there is no story. Or anything significant, however, its fun and i like the weapons hehe. The enemies as you mentioned are dumb but that's ok. The aiming is a little off. But otherwise its fun.

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    Alienated Phreak
    Downloading now.

    Sorry just had to use that picture.

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