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Thread: Request to Epic Games!

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    Exclamation Request to Epic Games!

    This is a thread that I'd hope that the right person at Epic will see and maybe get them thinking it's a plausable idea!
    I know this has been mentioned before but one can only try...

    I keep seeing the great UDK work that's comming out of the UDK section on the forums here and I get rather quite jealous of the visuals for UDK compared to UT3's older version of the engine!

    Therefore I'd like to ask Epic if they'd consider porting UT3 to the UDK engine for the PC!
    I don't ask for the maps to be improved/modified in any way. Just a straight port across with just a recook of all the maps so we'll get some instant benefits with lighting etc...

    I'm still a huge fan of UT3, as well as many others, and I really really..really really.. enjoy mapping in UE3. I've been mapping now for a few years and have seen many superb creations come out from the community and I can only imagine what the mappers at UoF, and other mappers, could come up with if we could map for UT3 in UDK with access to all the additional benefits of UDK like the lighting system but also access to the UT3 assets to create some of the most beautiful UT3 maps to date!

    It might even breath new life back into the game and get us dedicated UT3 mappers/modders moving forward into UDK which could lead some of us into some of the UDK projects out there and eventually the gaming industry having experience in the latest tools being used out there!

    I'd also be happy buying a UDK version of UT3(via steam) if this was done! I'm sure others would as well if it's at the right price!

    So that's my request, to Epic, on behalf of all the dedicated UT3 mappers and players out there!

    Please respond to show your support and who knows...maybe the right person will see this and consider it!

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    oh yeah...theses UDK features could be a titanic improvement to the ED
    nice & fair "request" my friend, i think u express what a majority is thinking/hoping here

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    Amen to this idea. I think UT 3 is the best in the series. Having UT 3 + the newest engine features would be awesome.

    UT2004 was an improvement over UT 2003, why can't the same be done for the UT 3?

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    Maybe they'll do some patch that will update the game engine to version 3.5. That would be much cheaper than making a new game.

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    Epic have stated multiple times this won't happen.

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    Thanx for the grim reality of it all Cr4zy!
    Maybe some more nudging from us mappers might soften some hearts over in the Epic offices!

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    But then again I see a problem:
    The latest UDK build has no subtractive maps - my Vortex Rikers map for example is one of them. So we won't be able to play all those subtractive maps anymore, we'll need an older version!

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    request to epic games:

    delete the hundred thousand posts requesting the same thing.
    yawn [especially the udk stuff from ut3 forum- its pointless]
    - get on UT3 even crappy PC'S nowadays are really good for pushing UT3 to its extreme [o/c etc]:

    i learn new stuff at least once a week and i have had the game for like 4 years- the better my PC gets- the better UT3 looks + performs

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    I agree it looks better on newer hardware but the lighting is nowhere near as good as UDK's lighting, especially the shadows! Then you have the additional capabilities of UDK that us UT3 mappers could start using!

    It took me 1 hour(+ cooking time) to get my Babylon map running in UDK with the UT3 assets referenced by the map. I'll admit I only had the 3 weapons that were available in UDK at the time but it was working fine, with bot support.

    At a guess I'd expect that it'd take a skilled person about a month(maybe 2) to port UT3 across and it seems a shame that Epic won't consider doing this! Especially if they released it at the current price of UT3 which would probably attract players/modders, like myself, to lay down more cash on a UDK version of it.

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    how did you port to UDK:

    *did you use Gildor's exporter?
    *or just import to UDK as normal and re-apply all your textures etc?

    i am curious

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