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Thread: Baroque architecture

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    Baroque architecture

    Hi guys, my friend and I are making an online First Person Shooter, this is our first UDK project.

    Features real-world scenarios of the Mexican Revolution (1910-1920).
    Assets are created entirely in Blender+GIMP. We make heavy use of photographs.

    Constructive critic is appreciated

    (Though this is Art Nouveau)

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    Amazing work!!!

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    Lighting looks really poor, there aren't shadows anywhere. Use dominant directional light for direct sunlight and then environment color (inside world properties) as the ambient light.

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    those buildings themselves look great. but i would change the sky texture. the present one dont fit to the lighting conditions at all. and also street should be brighter. with much more indirect lighting and bleeding going on. also lighting can do some magic - a dominant key light with crisp shadows with some fill lights would bring a life to this scene

    but its a great start , looking forward for updates

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    Imho, some of the bigger details should have been a part of the model. Currently, they look very flat. At least that bigger building you show in the last 2 screens.

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    Looks amazing. As the poster above said, the buildings look very flat, on the second screenshot it even quite looks like the buildings are just planes (I suppose stretching them a bit would do the trick, or manipulating with shadows/normals). And the tree planes (leaves) need to be worked on, that was pretty much the first thing that popped to my eyes. And yeah, you should use dominant directional lighting as said. Also, since by the sky it looks like you wanted a darker atmosphere, you should turn down the dominant directional light brightness a little bit.

    But yeah, looks amazing!

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