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Thread: CTF-BattleOnSlysBlockForts[RC1]

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    Thank you very much!
    Sorry, totally missed this reply as I'm very busy, in about a month I should have more sparetime to finish this and get back to the UCBP textures, currently I just cannot even sit down in front of the UEd for long, either I'm too tired or I just don't have the time.
    I can do a DM version afterwards if you want, that's just a few quick moves, some weapon and playerstart changes and one rebuild so it shouldn't take much time. Do you have any idea for the music I could use (preferably default UT2004 music, I thought about one of the Level tracks, but I'm not sure about which one yet)?

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    I would love to see a CTF4 version of this, the colour scheme is right for it.

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    Well, I don't know a lot about CTF4, whether we're allowed to use it for mapping or not. I think, some time ago it was still a WIP or something of that kind and we were not allowed to use it yet as there were bugs. If it's already fixed and we may use it, I wouldn't mind taking a look at it and see how mapping works for that gametype.

    By the way, do you have any special request for a soundtrack (preferably default tracks)? I have a really hard time finding one, I tend to use one of the Level tracks for this map, however, I'm not sure which one.

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    Yeah, well, it's not going to be worked on anymore obviously, so hell with it. lol.

    I would use the sound track from Mario Kart 64 that is used on Block Fort, myself.

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    Private Tux


    @ the 1st paragraph: Hey Sly., I can help you with that (at least if you accepted my request yet ), I just downloaded the CTF4 mod a year ago and I think I have some few demonstrations for the Green and Gold teams with additional botpaths (seeming the bots are unlikely good/average), and some other stuffs (there's also a TDM4, BR4 and VCTF4 as always) using UnrealEd, first time for mapping and I think I'm really NOOB at this, no such word. Intended to require the mod with this map as a CTF4 version. Offering a special beta test soon and see how the CTF4 map really look like.

    OR, you can just skip the first paragraph of mine to make an own CTF4 version of this map (without me) by reading the following guide:

    @ the 2nd paragraph: Just listen to the default music tracks and prefer which is the best one you chosen to get playing this map with music background. For the best one, use the UT99 music as seen on chrisl121212's sig.

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    I would do it but I don't understand any of that (definitely not a mapper.) If you wouldn't mind making a CTF4 version, could I ask it of you? I know, I've asked quite a bit recently... sorry if I am overdoing it

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