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Thread: how to disable the head bobbing <SOLVED>

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    how to disable the head bobbing <SOLVED>

    is there a way to disable the camera movement (the up and down wobble) during a walk? i want to walk around my level, but keep the first person camera perfectly stabilized.

    thanks to radomiro

    i also found a way.
    change the code in UTPawn.uc

    Change 'Bob = FClamp(Bob, -0.05, 0.05);' to 'Bob = FClamp(Bob, 0, 0);'
    and the bobbing during the walk is completely gone

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    that's called bobbing, you must override UpdateEyeHeight event in your player pawn class and example of its use is in UTPawn (from that you should be extending if you have bobbing, I think) and you can leave it blank or well comment all or just what you want, like only bobbing but leaving the sairt-steps stabilizator, now that I remember there is this variable "bob" that you can asign (must be 0 for zero bobbing) in a config file (so you dont need to override UpdateEyeHeight), dont remember what file...

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    thanks, im gonna look more into it

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    I found it, bob is in DefaultGame.ini

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    yep. it can also be adjusted in the UTPawn...which solved my problem. thanks a lot for your help

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