As of April 14th 2011, UDK Central is pleased to announce that its Tutorial Upload System is now ready for public use.

Visit and add your tutorials

UDK Centrals Tutorial Uploading System's front page

The Tutorial Upload System was built for tutorial writers and provides you with a great way to upload tutorials, get more hits and help out the community all in one easy posting. The system is free and is chalked full of benefits for both you; as a tutorial writer and your readers.

Publishers on UDKC get benefits such as:
  • Free access to a large audience - over 800 unique people a day look for tutorials on UDK Central.
    • Shared growth - Every time UDK Central gets mentioned, you benefit. Even when another author uploads a tutorial, you benefit.
  • Free hosting and bandwidth for your tutorials - 120$ a year if you don't need to?
  • Free marketing and promotion - UDK Central is highly visible and its fans and authors promote internal links and the site often.
    • Our success is your rewards - The better we do, the better you do. Your hooked in and dragged along for the ride - free of charge.
  • Your tutorials won’t be lost in a sea of posts - With UDK Central there is no sinking of your good threads by random offtopic or age, so you'll always get hits without needing to bump a forgotten thread.
  • Searching is centralized at UDK Central - We have a search bar that works, and is ready to direct people to your tutorials.
  • Our site is powered by a Semantic Wiki - Basically a real time database powered by a wiki, which gives incredible power for searching and retrieving tutorials.
  • UDK Central is fast, instant and a home packed with supporting features.
  • You retain your IP and rights to your work (aside what you grant to UDK Central and it's editors).

Tutorials hosted on UDKC get:
  • History tracking of edits and your work.
    • This allows readers to make sure they have the most up to date version of your code/instructions.
    • Short of a database failure your content is not permanently deleted.
  • Free hosting of images, small embedded videos and text
  • A robust code parser that provides a professional look to your work.
  • A link that is never lost and is cross promoted by other websites and tutorials.
  • Supporting tutorials to draw from to make your tutorials streamlined and robust.
  • Access to a powerful semantic wiki that can make pseudo SQL calls inside posts. Opening up a world of possibilities.

Best of all the process of publishing a tutorial is quick and easy.

To submit a tutorial you click a link, fill in the blanks and then on the last page you paste your tutorial in. From there you can use the rich editor to stylize your post or you can use mediaWiki syntax to build tables, use div’s and css and gain access to other cool scripts UDKC has. UDK Central has everything from displaying rich media like YouTube and code like unrealScript. If you want to see just how fast it is take a look at this link

But don't just take my word for it. You can go try it out for yourself. Just visit - Add a tutorial today and get a hands on demo of the system itself.

As a member of this community I aim to make a impact on the people around me. I look forward to hearing your feedback on this system and I hope this system works as well for you as it has other developers over the last year. With UDK Central you are truly helping to shape the future of UDK developers though education.

Thank you for your time