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Thread: Math power method?

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    Math power method?

    I am currently writing a heuristics method and I am looking for someting similar to the CMath.pow method. I am looking for something I can pass a base value into and the power I want it multiplied to. I noticed there is a PowerOfTwo method but not just a pow method. Is there one that I'm just not having any luck finding?

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    isn't x**y a standard syntax? this is like the 5th time i've heard this question this week, but i thought it was a universal syntax for power

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    Wow really? I have never seen that Thanks as always!

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    Crusha K. Rool
    Yeah, came up with that as well lately. I figured it would be the Exp() function, but that one takes e as base. Which was actually what I wanted for a logistic function anyway, although I realized then that I'd be better off with a Sin()-based equation to achieve what I want.

    The ** is harder to get into your mind if you never had to use it before.

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