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Thread: Level Streaming Performance

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    Level Streaming Performance

    I've been worried about these two statements in the documentation on volume streaming:

    Cost of Level Streaming Volumes
    Each frame, UWorld::ProcessLevelStreamingVolumes iterates over each streaming level and for each level, that level will begin loading if any local player is within any of the volumes associated with that level. Likewise, the level will be begin unloading if all local players are outside all volumes.

    UWorld::ProcessLevelStreamingVolumes exploits coherency in the following manner: for each level, the volume that most recently contained a player is cached. This cached volume is checked first, so that levels a player is in or returns to are quickly accepted.
    So if I'm reading this correctly, if Player A is across the entire continent of the world and walks into a streamed hut, Players B through Z will also stream in this content at the same moment?

    Is this correct?

    If so, wouldn't it be better if each client only streamed in what he or she is seeing and completely ignored what the other players are doing and seeing? Or does that present additional problems?

    Would I need to load the content of an area that I'm not currently inside of and is there a way to actually have the game stream per individual client instead of everybody loading levels for everybody that doesn't need it?

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    See "local player". From what I know normally there's only one local player (unless some splitscreen stuff is going on). Could be wrong though...

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    as far as I understand, it's talking about the server
    the server will load all the streamed levels all the players are into
    I could be totally wrong though

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