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Thread: DM-Flux2 (Beta3) update

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    Beta 2 Update

    Please see first Post

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    Great work fixing those UV's and collision issues. I liked the addition of debris near the snow incline, adds and extra method get up the ramp.

    Some observations:

    Its snowing only on two sides?

    I'm enjoying the extra work on lighting and post process. However I think its just a bit too over exposed imho. I would increase the sky light to 0.15.

    Player starts still need more work imo. I wonder if adding an eighth weapon (the enforcer) might help a bit. I understand if you reservation as it is a remake.

    At least move the one near the sniper a little to the left as I fell off many times without collecting the weapon.

    The animated doors can be too quick. In one situation you can fire your rockets into the base (as your exiting) but have the door close on you, damaging yourself. However on the other axis it can block weapons if your being fired at. Not sure what the right balance is, but just thought I'd mention it.

    Great progress there. Looking forward to your next release.

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    Last up for this year

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    Fiirst up for 2012

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    Second up, any news?

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    Well here is beta 3 it’s been over a year since beta 2, it just got lost when I upgraded to windows 7.

    This will be the last beta, if no major problems are found I will release in about a month.

    See first page for change log & Download.

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    Private Tux

    Cool Decent remake.

    Good atmosphere, visuals, and more use of materials. This map has been burst out with more snow outside, sniping view and z-axis inside. The bots are really tough with this one. I've got familiar with the lighting and gameplay style, comparing to the original UT2004 one.

    RAR Version:

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    Private Tux
    Updated mirror from my above post:
    Quote Originally Posted by Private Tux View Post

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    Nice to see ya working on another one.. subscribing

    Hey Thalos .. - I've been gone for a while but I'm trying to get caught up on some of what I missed.

    Looks like you had plenty of excellent feedback so far .. I'll be keeping an eye on this one.


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