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Thread: Animating a set of doors (two interp_actors)

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    Christian K

    Animating a set of doors (two interp_actors)

    Hello. I apologize in advance if this question has been answered before, but I haven't been able to find an answer on search for it.

    I am currently creating a trigger for a set of steeldoors, a leftdoor and a right door which will open then close when the player enters the proximity. That part, I got down.

    However, when it comes to animating both interp_actors in Matinee, I have only been able to animate one interp_actor at a time on matinee, so for both doors, I had to create a matinee instance for each interp_actor to do their animation. (Rotating 90 degrees in the x-axis to open/close)

    Is there any way to use use two movement tracks in the same matinee sequence, one for each interp_actor?

    Also, and additional question: Can I make interp_actors or static meshes into touch/use/whatever triggers? At the moment I have to scale/wrap the trigger colliding box around the static mesh to make it occupy the same space. I am wondering if theres a more elegant solution such as enabling said interp_actor or static mesh to act as a trigger itself.

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    Just add another empty group with the other door selected and then animate that. One matinee sequence can have countless tracks in it and those are defined by groups.

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