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Thread: DM-Sulphur Beta Version 1

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    DM-Sulphur Beta Version 1

    Name: DM-Sulphur

    Author: G. N. "Snorkelbottom" Singleton

    Version: Beta Version 1

    Compatability: PC Patch 2.1

    This is a remake of the Unreal Tournament 2004 DM map DM-Sulphur.


    Note: The three above screenshots of this map are of the same locations shown for the original map in Unreal Tournament 2004's menu.



    TUX's link

    KurlonT's PS3 link

    Beta Version Changes

    Aside from some geometeric changes, most of which should not be immediately noticable, I have made some minor changes to the map after comparing the original incarnation of the map, Sulphur.

    1. The Adrenaline pickups have been substituted with Health Vials.

    2. Originally the random UDamage/Keg O' Health/SuperShield wildcard base was going to be acheived through kismet. However I was unable to spawn the Shieldbelt to my satisfaction. After playing and analysing the map I have replaced the wildcard pickup with a standard Shieldbely pickup.
    I have done this because the UDamage is unnecessary due to the inclusion of the Redeemer, and the Keg O' Health is unecessary, having subsituted Health Vials for the Adrenaline pickups. Also, the Shieldbelt pickup compensates for the fact that the map has no armour pickups.

    3. The rain has not been included, simply because frame rates suffered too greatly.

    4. The blowing dust clouds from the original are not present when playing the map on low detail levels. However, 2 sets of clouds are visible on medium detail, and all five are visible on high detail levels.

    5. The Jumppad spark emitter has been recreated from the original, using the original texture.

    6. Meshes have been added, including a blowing flame chimney, to emphasize the maps new purpose as a gas mining platform.

    7. Rocket Launcher & Sniper Rifle ammunition pickups have been added on each of the scaffold struts on the top deck of the map. Now all weapons have two ammunition pickups each.

    With this map I have not made any drastic changes (except for change 2. mentioned above).

    Final Version Changes

    This is a comprehensive list of the changes that I have implemented to the map for the final release to address a few issues found in the Beta, as well as decorative elements to be added.

    1. TO DO. A blue hazy horizon around the map, as in the original.

    2. TO DO. Background platforms, as in the original.

    3. TO DO. Lighting storms.

    4. TO DO. Music Track, suggestions are welcome.

    5. TO DO. Collision amendment on Jumppad bases (noticed after cooked).

    6. TO DO. Final elements (menu image, full ini file etc.)

    Special Thanks go out to...

    The Guys at Epic Games for making Unreal Tournament 3.

    Paul Fahss, for his work on the original map - DM-1on1-Crash.

    The guys at Clickteam for their awesome install creator.

    Everyone on the Epic Games forums, especially Bl!tz~, bn_avit, Shade Mistress, sneh, Hugo Marques and M^vL. Thanks to all for their help and support.

    3DBuzz for their invaluable guidance and video tutorials.

    UDN (especially Dave Ewing and Richard Nalezynski) for their guidance and advice.

    Sjoerd "Hourences" De Jong for his guidance.

    The guys at for their guidance.

    The guys at for their guidance.

    James Perry for his playtesting and invaluable feedback.


    Sorry for the delay peeps I have just recovered from the dreaded swine flu.

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    wow! looks good...D/L

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    Hello Bro, that was quick lmfao

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    Quote Originally Posted by snorkelbottom View Post
    Hello Bro, that was quick lmfao
    ROFL!...stop that telepathic thing...i m scared now

    i just played a couple of games on it:

    -u did a nice job on the athmo of the map: scaring & intense like original
    -i like ur jumpad customisation, usefull indications
    -the "mooving clouds" effect is tip top

    excellent start mate,will try it deeper asap

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    Yes ! At least a map from UT2k4 with a real light set !
    Great job !

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    DL link not working

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    Yet another UT2k4 map I used to consider "meh", but with this version, you might make me fall in love with this map for UT3, just like Crash. Will download it ASAP. Oh, and nice to see you're still with the UT3 community.

    I got your e-mail. I also recently recovered from a flu. I'll get to test that stuff.

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    Wow! Catches the original feeling quite well! The lighting is also pretty good! It's not as dark as many other maps. Good job on that!

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    So I gave a couple of runs on this on the little spare time I have.

    - Map seems to be oversized on the X and Y axis, IMO.

    - Map is a bit undermeshed, needs more details in the platforms.

    - You really need to optimize it more and add the rain. This "dry" version doesn't really feel right.

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    looks like a very good remake!!! remember the original map very well

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