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Thread: Tweaking UTAnimBlendByTurnInPlace?

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    Question Tweaking UTAnimBlendByTurnInPlace?

    Hi, I noticed that it's now possible to blend between two idle-animations: one for character being still, one for turning in place by using UTAnimBlendByTurnInPlace -node in the animation tree.

    I copied the node from AT_CH_Human like this: (Sorry for the big size of the image; smaller one was very hard to read)

    But there are two problems:

    1. The rotation animation starts "late", meaning I have to rotate the character about 30-45 degrees before the TurnInPlace -animation (run_forward) starts playing. I'd like it to start after about 5 degrees of rotation, or almost immediately.

    2. After stopping to turn the character in place, the animation does not return to to the Idle -animation (idle_ready).

    Also I would like to know what the slider at the bottom of the UTAnimBlendByTurnInPlace -node does (set to 0.11 Idle in the pic). Thanks in advance!

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    yeah im getting the same problem. after i stop turning, the character just goes into T-Pose

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    The slider lets you test the animation.
    As far as setting the values, its handled natively.

    To adjust the angles, you will need to muck around with MaxYawAim.
    /** How far RootYaw differs from Rotation.Yaw before it is rotated to catch up. */
    var() int    MaxYawAim;
    This defaults to 7000... with is what, 38 degrees?
    Change that too 1000'ish for 5-6 degrees.

    Full full control over the twisting and turning of the torso, you need to disable this and write your own code.

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    You're a life saver! This fixed the problem for me where I wanted the "turn in place" node to fire sooner.

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