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Thread: "Anomaly" Project Need a Team: Recruiting Now! We take anyone whos interested!

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    Exclamation "Anomaly" Project Need a Team: Recruiting Now! We take anyone whos interested!


    Hello there, Im currently recruiting People for my game.Anyone can help even if your a begginer ill teach some things to get you on the road. I will Need the following (as many as i can get):
    Programs preferred 3ds max,Photoshop,adobe Flash(scaleform)

    Modelers:weapons,architectural,humans,animals(dogs),decora tions(to fill up level).Great experience with 3D modeling programs such as ZBrush and 3ds Max and/or Maya
    Good knowledge about the import pipeline for UDK
    Experienced at character body modeling
    Experienced at creating and applying textures
    Knowledgeable about cloth modeling and implementation WE HAVE (2)
    Animators:Experiance with 3ds max preferred,well known human anatomy,Knows some FaceFX.Accustomed to exporting and importing animations to UDK
    Experienced with AnimSets and AnimTrees in UDK
    Knowledgeable with MotionBuilder and/or similar software

    Scripter:A person that is dedicated to script, if you enjoy it this is perfect for you. Knows how to script basic AI, knows how to code weapons and so on.We have (2) Scripters And Programmers

    Concept Artist:expirenced artist,can design levels and reflect them, on a paper.

    Level Designer:Me,but i could use someon else,somone that has a passion for designing things. Has to know what a balanced level is. A bad looking level and good gameplay is crap, we need good looking level and good gameplay.Great knowledge about level creation in the Unreal Editor
    Great knowledge about level design (such as choking points)
    Being able to create asymmetrical maps
    Being able to design vertically and overlapping, truly non-flat 3D maps
    Being able to design according to player movement metrics
    Being able to design with competitiveness in mind We have 2 level Designers

    Programmer:I dont even have to stress this, if you are interested in programming,the whole game revolves around you,WE can use as many as we can.Knows at least the basic of C++ or another usefull language.WE need you prgrammers!Knowledgeable about the Unreal Networking Architecture Experienced at network coding Experienced with UnrealScript. We have (2)

    Cascade Master:Well experienced with Unreal Cascade Well experienced with creating particles
    Being able to create sprites to be used for particles
    Basic 3D modeling experience WE HAVE 1

    Technical Artist:Being able to read and write HLSL
    Being able to recreate shaders with the material editor
    Good knowledge about post processes and shaders
    Good knowledge about the Unreal Material Instance Editor WE have 1 WE have 1

    Somone with artistical talents. SOmone that can make very nice textures for many meshes. Experniced with Photoshop.Somone Dedicated to making hi res textures.PLOTAnomaly_Main

    Plot: In a little town of Hunson, New York. One man Arkanos lives happily in his tiny house. One day Russia strikes Europe, Africa and Asia, starting a nuclear war. All hell breaks loose. War rages nations collapse, militia overtakes the government. The United States hasn’t been overthrown but soon the New Russia (Asia, Europe, Africa) are planning an attack against the states. Rumors of an H-Bomb so powerful it could blank out North America out of the face of the Earth. Arkanos’ town gets wrecked by an airstrike. Hunson was wrecked. Arkanos tries to find any survivors; he heads to a radio broadcast station. He finds out the US has been over flooded by the Russians. He also hears a broadcast of a resistance group located North of Hunson, It’s an Army base. He decides to head there. He needed protection for his journey. He gets all geared up in a nearby Firearms Depot. Just as he leaves the store he gets ambushed by the Russians. He survives. He heads on. Many days later after fighting; he reaches the base. They welcome him. The place is filled of blood and depression that he is terrorized by the site. Commander Samar, informs him of their main goal. Their goal is to head to the core of Russia and locate their Nuclear Facility and sabotage the attack. All 500,000 men agree to risk their lives to save their loved ones. They head to the Docks and sail in the USS Barracuda. They head to Russia and their Journey begins. Arkanos wasn’t just the survivor in Hunson because he was lucky; the prophecy of him bringing peace to the worlds had to be accomplished. Arkanos was an Anomaly…..
    Setting :so you guys can get an idea, a POST APOCALYTIC Setting,wreacked,destroyed assets.
    IF YOU ARE INTERESTED PM or Email me at Tell me what position you would like to have and give me some background or even better a portfolio. Thanks, I
    Remeber you will be part of the family once you join. I will treat you as family. Im out

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    I have 1 3ds max EDUCATIONAL liscnese that i can give to my modeler.

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    3ds max educational license is free for all students. I don't think that's a fair offer.

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    It's nice to see how many people that use my recruitment post as a template!

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    I didnt want to make it sound like an offer, i just wanted to let people know becuase what is they are not students or if they dont want to go nasd register for some reason, i just wanted to mak ea statement thats all

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    Anyone interested? Please if your interested PM me.

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    PM Sent

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    I love your work i like the atmosphere you have, thats EXCATLY what im looking for. Well its your descision i would like you to be part of my team do you want to?

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    What about gameplay mechanics? The story means nothing if it isn't fun to it just another fps where you shoot russians?

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    In the category of gameplay mechanics its not just shooting russians.For example let say your low on ammo and their is about 50 russians in a mansion, so you can go both ways try to kill them one by one OR use your brain and look up and theres a big chandelier, so what could be the reasonable thing to do is shoot it and drop it on them. I dont want to make a simple "shooting" game i want to make a game that you have to find certain things to advance the level. Not a very hard thinking game but common thinking. As the game comes along we'll know how to organize this. THat was my main thinnking, "not a simple shooting game. THank Octo for bringing that up. And are you interested?

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