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Thread: Cloth menu in skeletal mesh window

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    Cloth menu in skeletal mesh window

    I've been searching the forums and internet extensively but can't find the answer to a problem I am having.

    Basically, I want to know what the cloth menus in the skeletal mesh window are for. I've tried adding the bones of my custom character that I want to be simulated as cloth (the bones that are skinned to the character's cloak). The cloth simulation shows in the editor window but when I start the game the mesh is completely static.

    I've seen the nvidia videos and read a lot about making cloaks as separate meshes attached by sockets but I just don't understand why it doesn't work as one mesh with specified cloth bones - which these menus seem to suggest is possible.

    Anyone used this method successfully or knows of a tutorial which details getting a custom character with cloth parts into udk?

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    I have been searching and wanting to know as well! so if you find out let me know!

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    Well did you set up the cloth correctly, both in the skeletonal mesh editer and the placed acter itself? (correct settings, alive on start, ect)

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