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Thread: UT3 Viper Beta 3

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    UT3 Viper Beta 3

    Name: UT3 Viper

    Version: Beta 3

    Compatibility: Unreal Tournament 2004 latest patch (Doesn't work with UT2003 since there are no vehicles).

    Description: The Viper is the fastest moving vehicle on any battlefield. The Viper is lightly armored adn somewhat less agilen than similar Axon counterparts, but it compensates for this with one of the most destructive attacks of all Necris vehicles. It can literally launch itself at a target, converting all its momentum and power into a single armor-penetrating impact. As the Viper rises into the air, two articulated stabilizers unfurl to reveal the anti-gravity fuel cell that controls vehicle movement. It momentarilt hoers while it lock on to a traget, then simultaneously ejects its pilot and launches itself foward with fully destructive intention. Its conventional armament includes front-mounted cannons that launch spheres of rebounding plasmid energy. They are not particularly lethal, but thier high rate of fire and ability to ricochet around corners akes them effective nevertheless.
    Comments: I hope you enjoy Beta 3, it still needs some things envolving visuals, but that's all if no bugs are found.

    Strafe Left.
    Strafe Right.

    Credits: 100GPing100(José Luís) for the coding, The UT2004 Community for their precious help, without them this would be just a project. UnrealLoco helped with the animations, but that code never got released. Still credits to him too, thank you all.

    HomePage: NA

    (NOTE: You are allowed to create more mirrors, but keep the .zip file unchanged)
    (Beta 3)
    » Reduce general sound volume.
    » Increased angle at which you can aim down.
    » Added AIInfo to the Viper's weapon.
    » Fixed driver's position.
    » Added turn sound.
    » Reduced strafe animation tween speed.

    (Beta 2)
    » Full reprogram.
    » Added ability to glide.
    » Added new sounds.
    » Added new animations.
    » Redone jump system.
    » Improved self-destruct system.
    » Added online replication for the eject ready sound.
    » Stopped animation and glide code from running when not needed.
    » Fixed playing sounds from stopping others.
    » Fixed the "Enter vehicle" bug.
    » Created mechanics for the projectile.

    (Beta 1)*
    » First release.

    (Beta 1)
    - Sly.

    *These versions are marked as NON ONLINE RECOMMENDED since they will cause VERSION MISMATCH.

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    Why are the sounds *.wav files?

    EDIT: The results of a quick test on Suspense:
    It's hard to enter it, you have to jump on the cabin and then you have to press use. Bots don't have any problems to enter it though.

    It hovers too far above the ground and still has the Manta hover emitter below its chassis.

    Looks like the strafing animations are missing (it should tilt over to the direction it is hovering/strafing to and the "wings" move up or down, depending on the direction).

    The projectiles don't have trails and a glow effect like the original ones (should be orange).
    Btw, is this the original projectile?

    The controls feel a bit strange right now (maybe it's because of the missing animations ) but I guess you're going to fix this sooner or later.

    The 2k4 driving animation.
    But I have an idea how to "fix" this: There are some taunt animations which look like this pose when you pause at the right moment. I think if you take such an animation (+ fly so that the legs are a bit bent) and pause it and rotate the pawn so that it looks like it is driving it then it would be perfect. If you like I can name some fitting animations and show some screens (remember the UT girls pyramid? When I have been bored and made this then I used taunt animations for these "realistic" looking poses ) but then it'd be up to you to find the right frame (was it called like that?). Oh and of course you'd have to make it so that you can still headshot the pawn out of the vehicle

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    Well, they were imported with the .uc files to the .u file, they are just there if you want to recompile, you don't need them to play. You can see the ReadMe file it says it there.

    Edit: All the things you refered there are in my TODO list, I only wanted to finish the Hover high in the air thing for the self destruct system. I only released it to get some feedback on what should be done, so thanks for your feedback, it was what I wanted mate

    Maybe i'll skip the hover high in the air thing and make the rest first.

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    Ah ok.
    Btw, if you didn't see my edit yet then you should take a look at it. Some feedback

    PS: Good job on that!

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    Ye I saw it, I edited my post too

    Going to take care of the Projectile emitters and a bug that it has.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 100GPing100 View Post
    That's concept art, not a screenshot

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    I'll post a screeny then

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    Images do not happear o0 It may be because of my internet being very slow today. Say something if you don not see any screenshots

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    Quote Originally Posted by 100GPing100 View Post
    You have to use a direct link (right mouse button on image->show image, use this link).
    Btw, you should reupload the screenshots as jpegs because png's take long to load.
    And use SHOT tags for big screenshots

    PS: Going to upload it to UTzone, maybe you'll get some more feedback. Will post a translation of any feedback since it's a German site

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    Thanks mate

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