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Thread: Why am I not able to import psa's into UDK?

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    Why am I not able to import psa's into UDK?

    Am I just totally missing something here? When I create an animation and export it as a psa, If I try to import it into UDK, psa's aren't on the list of importable files. So it's impossible for me to import them. I looked over the forums and I can't find anyone else that has the same problem. Am I just a complete moron, or is there some other explanation? Anyway, any help would be much appreciated, thanks.


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    in the Animation Editor window (double click on your desired skeletal mesh to get there).

    File - Create Animset

    File Import PSA


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    Thanks, I really feel like an idiot. But now I'm having another problem, my animation isn't playing. It's just a static pose, two frames both with the same pose, Do I need to change that? Make it more frames or set one of the frames to a different pose in order for it to work? Anyway thanks again.

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    Never mind, I figured out my problem. I wasn't exporting it properly.

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