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Thread: UDK Blank Install ::: November 2011

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    Quote Originally Posted by nsx_nawe View Post
    Hi there!; this looks very useful,

    I have a newbie question:
    - What would you recommend to a person who has done No coding whatsoever (In unrealscript that is, I work with Java for blackberry/android in my dayjob), would you recommend to start using this stripped down version of UDK to learn from the basic framework and not get distracted, carried away with all the UT classes, OR to have the full udk with every class because you think that might be more useful?
    I always keep a default UDK install in a separate backup folder, then a working blank install for my game. It costs more hard drive space, but this way I can always refer to the UT code if I need to. This is also great if you completely ruin a config file or core class and want the default back quickly.

    UnrealScript is very similar to Java, so you should do well.

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    Hey Sean,

    You have done a fantastic job on the blank install for the PC side of things. I noticed you mentioned wanting to cut down the mobile version as well. Has there been any update to this?


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    I am still a bit uneasy about doing it without a mobile device to test it on, but I suppose it is safe to assume there will not be problems if it runs fine on PC. Most likely, I will have a mobile version made when the February build of the UDK comes around.

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    Very cool.

    Not sure what your testing process requires, and I am still extremely new at this whole UDK thing, but I could help test if you like?


    Thanks Sean!

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    Well the mobile version is uploaded now, along with the blank install for Feb 2011. The mobile version appears to work, but beware I do not have a mobile device to test it on. If you have issues, tell me and send me your log files. Also, a question to those of you involved in mobile development: can Scaleform be used on mobile? I ask because I wonder if getting rid of the CLIK widgets was a good idea for the mobile version.

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    Hi Sean, are you going to release a blank version of UDK May or future versions?

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    Funny you should ask that. I am in the process of doing exactly that for the May version. I meant to do March and April, but my project and school took a toll. I will get on it and have it finished within the next few hours.

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    This strip installs are pretty useful

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    It's normal that your links in the first post are down ?
    I just found your thread and I very interested by tour work.

    And it's possible to use your work for the February beta with march beta ?

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    The links were down because I was updating them to the new May 2011 version. That being said, you should be able to use the May blank install now. You might be able to use older blank installs on newer UDK builds, but there is a possibility it will crash. This happened to me when I transfered my project over to the March build. There is no telling what Epic might do under the radar for each build, and this was case when the old February UTGame.u and UTEditor.u were no longer compatible. It did not matter what the code inside was, but something about the .U format itself, so they had to be recompiled. Also, there are certain required UDK packages (like SoundClassesAndModes) that Epic might make small changes to.

    As a result of all this, I take no chances and rebuild each blank install from a fresh install of the current build.

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