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Thread: UDK Blank Install ::: November 2011

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    UDK Blank Install ::: November 2011

    This is a stripped down version of the UDK. All UT3 assets and code have been removed, only the absolute minimum required to run remains. The blank install, as provided, will NOT function properly at first; you must enter your own details in the config files before it can run. This is intended for people who already know their way around the config files, but hopefully everyone will be able to follow these instructions. I made this for myself, and I figured others might have a use for it. Yes, I am well aware something like this was made long ago, but it has been incompatible for awhile now.

    IMPORTANT: Since November 2011, when Scaleform4 support was added, CLIK assets are not included with the blank install. The file size increased too much as a result of having both AS2 and AS3 assets, so they were removed and must be taken from the official install. This means that you no longer delete the Development folder entirely, only the Src folder.

    Here is the exact process to use to avoid any errors:
    -Install a fresh copy of the official UDK that matches the same month as the blank install.
    -Within that new installation, delete the Development/Src and UDKGame folders and everything in them.
    -Copy and paste the Src and UDKGame folders from the blank install.
    -Fill out the config files with your data--open DefaultEngine.ini (for mobile open MobileEngine.ini as well) and DefaultGame.ini and use the information below to search and replace.
    -Do a full recompile using the command line command: UDK.exe make -full.
    -Start the editor with the -log argument to monitor if everything worked correctly.

    The changes you need to make are in DefaultEngine.ini and DefaultGame.ini, use search and replace on the following to make this go much faster. All of the placeholders are in caps with underscores to help differentiate from official Epic comments:

    YOUR_MAP_NAME: the name of your map for this particular category.
    YOUR_GAME_NAME: the name of your game.
    YOUR_GAME_NAME_SHORT: two letter abbreviation for your game.
    YOUR_GAME_PACKAGE: the name of the folder in Src where the source code for your game is stored.
    YOUR_POSTPROCESS_CHAIN: the path to your default PostProcessChain (get it from the content browser). It will work without one, but remember to add it later.
    YOUR_GAMEINFO_CLASS: the entry class for your game that usually derives from GameInfo.
    YOUR_PLAYERCONTROLLER: your player controller class.
    YOUR_MAP_PREFIX: the gametype prefix for your map.
    YOUR_DATASTORECLIENTS: the list of all the DataStoreClients--useful for storing data between map loads
    After making all of edits, as mentioned above, do a full recompile from the command line or FrontEnd. After that, start the editor and sit there (yes you must) while it recompiles the shaders. I have tested it and everything appears to work, but if you run into something please let me know. Also, I will try to keep the blank install updated if I have the time.

    Current Blank Install (Updated 29|11|2011):

    Blank Install Archive:
    October 2011:
    September 2011:
    August 2011:
    July 2011:
    June 2011:
    May 2011: PC: Mobile:
    Jan2011-April2011 were hosted on my server before it died--perhaps some day they will be rebuilt and reuploaded (if anyone needs a specific one immediately send me a PM);

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    Thanks! I'm running out of disk space, a slim version of UDK helps a lot!

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    Nice form Sean! I've been trying to wrap my head around this for a while but always came up short with UDK crashing on startup.

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    It is rather annoying, that there is a dependency on there being a UTGame.u script file, isn't it..

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    Anyway to get this working on December release? So I don't have to download the extra gig?

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    basically: configure your INI files, make sure that you set them all up to not have any references to UTGame and UTGameContent, except for EditPackages=UTGame. Remove the UTGameContent folder in Development\Src, delete all files in Development\Src\UTGame\Classes except for 1 (it doesn't matter what one, it just needs a class in there to compile). Start deleting things in UDKGame\Content. You'll probably need to keep the small empty maps and the UI fonts, maybe some other things as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blade[UG] View Post
    It is rather annoying, that there is a dependency on there being a UTGame.u script file, isn't it..
    Very much so. I tried many times to remove the reference to the UTGame package, but to no avail. I suppose one could leave a dummy UTGame.u and then delete the reference and the source files, as I noticed compiled scripts are not removed even if their package is no longer referenced. If it were to be deleted, it would not be too bad to save out another blank UTGame.u from Notepad. This is all assuming it does not rely on any actual code in there and only needs a file of that name.

    EDIT: Ok, after testing it, it appears that the above is partially true. It not only must have UTGame.u, but also UTEditor.u. They cannot be blank files saved out from Notepad, as the engine will complain they contain unreadable data. However, with real compiled UTGame.u and UTEditor.u files, both the reference and the source can be removed for UTGame and UTEditor.

    EDIT2: The blank install has been updated to reflect the new findings. You should now be able to complete an entire project without seeing UT anything, even during compilation. UTGame.u and UTEditor.u have been moved to the DO_NOT_DELETE folder in scripts.
    I would like to now work on stripping the mobile content; however, I do not have a mobile device to properly test the result. I imagine it all works the same way, but I am still really unfamiliar with the differences between mobile and pc.

    Quote Originally Posted by mikesdk View Post
    Nice form Sean! I've been trying to wrap my head around this for a while but always came up short with UDK crashing on startup.
    Quote Originally Posted by jasonmei View Post
    Thanks! I'm running out of disk space, a slim version of UDK helps a lot!
    No problem, glad it can be of use.

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    The file size is now cut in half after removing some of the Flash source assets. Also, UDKFonts has been added back to the blank install. I realize now this should not have been removed for the sake of Scaleform.

    In case you want the full Flash source again, be sure to get it here:

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    Hi there!; this looks very useful,

    I have a newbie question:
    - What would you recommend to a person who has done No coding whatsoever (In unrealscript that is, I work with Java for blackberry/android in my dayjob), would you recommend to start using this stripped down version of UDK to learn from the basic framework and not get distracted, carried away with all the UT classes, OR to have the full udk with every class because you think that might be more useful?

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    At least me, I learn from examples, all the UT assets and code really help me out when I'm developing things, I'll use this as a 'portable' udk on a flash drive or whatever, but terrabyte hard drives are cheap, I have the last 7 versions of udk installed in full...

    But for you nsx_nawe I would definately get the full version of udk, at least an older one if you don't have room for the latest.

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