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Thread: Giving Control to Mobile Placeable Pawn

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    Giving Control to Mobile Placeable Pawn

    So, I understand that the only way to have a player on mobile is through a Mobile Placeable Pawn that takes all the input. So how, in unrealscript, do you give the control to that mobile placeable pawn?

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    BUMP, as i too am wondering how to do thins inside of unreal script

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    Having a placeable pawn is most certainly not the only way to have a player in mobile games. You should be able to have first person just like Epic Citadel or have a 3rd person view with a player mesh if you want. It just isn't set up by default I don't think. There is nothing specifically prohibiting it, though.

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    How would you go about setting it up for default then? because i would love to have this rather then a PlaceablePawn

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    yeah ive decided to just work with a placeable pawn and use kismet for the majority of the controls

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