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Thread: scale and rotate skeletal mesh?

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    scale and rotate skeletal mesh?

    Hey guyz,

    it seems i fell the classic scaling and bad facing death trap. My animated character is too small and its facing the wrong direction.
    I scaled it up in maya and rotated (90degree) the right direction and the mesh crashed. Then I detached and rebound the skin and reanimated the skeleton.
    Now its facing the right direction but in udk skeleton seems rotated out a 30-40 degree from the mesh and therefore the animation is falling apart.
    Is there some kind of way out of this hole?
    Is there a way to scale or rotate skeletal mesh in udk? (or rotate only the skeleton)


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    you can scale and rotate your skeletal mesh in UDK (in the animation editor, down at the bottom left, under SkeletalMesh/Mesh there are adjustments.

    but i would say you have a problem with your source PSK/PSA's if they arent matching up in UDK. I'd make sure everything is coming into UDK all together and working (albeit pointed in the wrong direction, or the incorrect scale) first.

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    Thank you for your help i found the rotation tools in the AnimSet Editor on the Properties Pane and it`s working well!
    But i still can`t find a scaling tool. I tried to search the whole editor but i can`t find it.

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    Did you figure out how to scale Skeletal Meshes?

    I want to do the same thing, and can't figure out how to scale Skeletal Meshes once there in UDK

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    Skeletal mesh attachments can be scaled in the socket manager by adjusting the relative scale of the socket that the mesh is attached to. Skeletal meshes themselves are scaled in the properties panel of the mesh when dropped in the editor or by using the scale tool or modified in unrealscript or kismet. Haven't seen scaling in animset other than by doing it these ways which seems ok.

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