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Thread: UDK on Android !?!?

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    UDK on Android !?!?

    Dugeon Defenders disponibile per Android
    how did they do it ?

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    Alienated Phreak
    I believe UDK allows you to make maps and games for android, jailbreak free, but I don't know how you put games/maps on other devices (except for iOS, which is pretty simple).

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    CloDel Studios
    atm, isn't it just pc, and ios that UDK can export to? Android will be soon I hope, if you use UE3 you could android

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    It seems Trendy has been working with Epic as they developed the engine for IOS and Android--they're still working on improving UE3 on Android (if you download Dungeon Defenders for an Android phone you'll notice there's lots of issues, mainly that it doesn't work on all Android devices, even powerful ones)

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