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Thread: need a litle bit help from a friend

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    sam fisher

    need a litle bit help from a friend

    Please give the beginning UDK Dummies a litle bit of help.

    I have reed this forum from back to front and i search the internet from left to right, but there's no good tutorial to find where the dummies can teach the UDK.

    I understand that there are a lot of pro's who are making a game and than try to make money of it.
    But there are also a lot beginners that dont want to make living of it, but just want to make a nice game level in there spare time and than show it too there friends and then play it.
    Nothing more and nothing les.

    So please, and i say it for not only this 'dummie'.
    Please give these guy's some credit, and try to make this realy great engine understandeble for these guys.

    There are a lot of guys that dont know anything about scripting and more of these things.
    Please explane it in a way they understand. (step by step)

    So i have a qeustion about the way to setup a way to jump up and then grap a ledge, and then move left or right or climb up the ledge.

    I have spoking with some pro's and they all are scared that we are going to steel there way of constuction and building and here way of animation.
    But believe me when i say, that everybody needs to start at the bottom of the ladder.

    And please dont shoot me for my bad English, i'm from Holland

    Already many thanks to everybody who have learned me a lot of different things about the great UDK Developer.

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    Hey, mede-nederlander!

    Don't want to be rude or unhelpful, but there are plenty tutorials for beginners. For example: the 3DBuzz videos you can find on UDN, these are for beginners, but can help you out if you are more skilled too.
    There's also a basic game tutorial for setting up the scripting environment by Hourences. Great if you're just starting out and want to do some scripting.

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    sam fisher
    Hey Mktwo,

    Yes i know that there are lots of tutorials with setup youre character for UDK and how setup a animtree.
    I Have 20 gigabyte of youtube movies and 3dbuzz tutorials.
    But there are non that explane the way to setup ledge jump or rope sliding or athor charater related movements.

    Or did you find some?
    Then please please tell me.

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    Well, there aren't any ( yet ) because that's quite specific. If you mean how to animate a character to do that, this isn't the forum to ask. If you have a problem getting it to work in UDK, then you should ask here.

    On the other hand, I did see a few threads that have some sort of free-running systems, including hanging from a ledge and climbing up, etc.

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    sam fisher
    Where, do you remember where?
    Tell me please.

    And the animation of my character i will make it in 3DS en import it as a PSA file, but how and where to put it in Kismet i do not know it.

    I just dont know what kind of volumes i need and where and what kind of script to wright.

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