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Thread: Can't hide static mesh in kismet

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    Question Can't hide static mesh in kismet

    When i add in the toggle hidden button and make the target a static mesh it does not hide it and says there is an error, but when i do the same thing with a skeletal mesh it works fine? Can someone tell me how to hide a static mesh?
    here is the link to see the kismet, as you can see i did it twice but the actions are identical ( well, the hide and Unhide toggles are in a different order but that should not be a problem) the only different is one is static and the other is a skeletal mesh I'am hiding. Kismet image:

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    Max Power
    You can't hide static meshes. Convert it to an interp actor if you want to hide it.

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    how does someone go about converting it? Also how do you destroy static meshes if you do know? Thank you for your help and quick reply though.

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    Hey i figured it out! thank you so much for the help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by benmenftw View Post
    Hey i figured it out! thank you so much for the help!
    How did you solve it

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    Right click on the static mesh and choose "Convert->Convert to InterpActor"

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