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Thread: DM-Syndrome [Final][Pics][PC][PS3]

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    Quote Originally Posted by FragTastic View Post
    lol xyz8000 if you think no one cares about your maps go look at the ut3 youtube demo thread (sticky in general chat). Its bonescraper demo after bonecraper demo lol

    Congrats on 2nd place in the contest too. I must get round to trying out this map (already downloaded)
    Thank you for the comment, the contest was a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to partecipate again if they do run another one.
    I know that Bonescraper is still popular among duelers (and I'm glad of that ), I was mainly referring to the other maps

    Quote Originally Posted by NØØb_Zaibot View Post
    a bit over scaled for my style of gameplay, the simple layout is very fun in little DM maybe with 4 players, and a like the theme but not the textures. anyways great work.

    PD: im your fan number 1 my two fav maps on all ut3 are remorse and bones
    Thank you very much, It always makes me happy to know that my maps are appreciated and that there's still someone playing them
    HourKraden is a kind of weird texture set, it's very saturated and almost all the textures are either some kind of trim or trimmed to the bone. I agree that it doesn't suit this map very well, but I had to rush the map so I hadn't time to find a better alternative.

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    well your dm's all get get a flogging here occasionally, as do a lot of dm maps. I know where your coming from though, its so much work for a map, you kind of think after a while, why bother when the community seems indifferent?

    I guess we all download more than we chat lol. If Epic banned people off the forums for not commenting on less than 10% of the maps they downloaded, Id have been banned eaons ago lol

    The content flow has kind of slowed down to a trickle of late though, im hoping to see more maps soon, even if i have to post more PMSL

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    fun and frantic map!

    Interesting with the water and fire and...wooho......the sky is WAY up there. A small map with tight layout and plenty of z-axis. With the yellow floors you shouldn't get lost in this one; although, the repetitive textures in this small map makes you think more about where you are and makes it more challenging (except for Blackjack....I hate that b*tch). I like the frag sounds and lift jumps, but I would replace the biorifle and sniper rifle in here just as a personal choice.

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    We have a keeper here. While it might not have as great visuals as Cr4zy's contest winner DM-Saturation, the gameplay is great and addicting. Love it. I love HOLP maps in general and this quickly became one of my favorites.

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    Thanks for the comments
    I'm glad that people like it despite its simplicity

    Quote Originally Posted by SkaarjMaster View Post
    I like the frag sounds and lift jumps, but I would replace the biorifle and sniper rifle in here just as a personal choice.
    This swap would make the Sniper Rifle area more useful, however I feel that the area below the Thigh pads isn't as "desiderable" to go to as the rest of the map so a powerful weapon is necessary to keep the balance. The Sniper Rifle is a little more useful in this map than in my usual Duel maps since this one has a little more open spaces, but it still isn't very powerful.

    Bots do not like to go to the sniper area much, but in an human match that area will probably see a little more activity since you can easily dodge on the 50A from there (and, despite the overdose of liftjumps, staying on such an elevated area still has its advantages)

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    Private Tux

    Cool Almost like this one.

    Interesting fire textures for portals, the lifts are okay, very nice atmosphere, an instant z-axis play and the bots are very tough. At the most of it, the blinky yellow-themed textures are possibly the best choice for making this map fluently. This map is just like a funbox and totally great venture; the gameplay is finally made a competition and the frame rate is more likely as much as it stays up for less than 30 FPS. Seems like I'm gonna find the good location here.

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