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Thread: DM-Saturation [1on1] [PC] [PS3] [20 Brush Contest - Winner]

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    DM-Saturation [1on1] [PC] [PS3] [20 Brush Contest - Winner]

    Version: Final (v1.0)
    Compatibility: Patch 2.1

    Description: A builder with limited material struggled to build an environment after being demanded by Liandri. Even though in such a short time he accomplished it. After it was almost destroyed due to unfortunate events, he prevailed. Now you'll have to fight against the unexpected and see if you can come out on top.

    Comments: This map is an entry for's 20 brush contest. Maps to be designed with 20 brushes or less. Saturation has been completed with 18 brushes and 2 lifts (count as a brush each)
    I wanted to do something different, colourful and fun.

    Player Count: 2 - 4

    +Epic for UnrealEd and UT3
    +Evillair for his eCel textures


    Review: 20 Brush Contest [UT3/UDK] 1st place -
    Quote Originally Posted by Sjosz
    DM-Saturation 84/100

    Gameplay: 32/40
    There is a lot of layout to be had here, with several floors, some catwalks, some liftjumps and a very circular flow.
    The level has an interesting and impressive layout for 20 brushes, with plenty of height variation, z-axis combat in select locations and lift-jumps. I like how the layout offers multiple paths pretty much anywhere and how it guides me around the layout without me paying attention to it.
    Weapon placement is smart throughout, as is ammo and health placement, and I'm quite fond of the liftjump for the body armor pickup. Seems to be plenty of pickups to make anyone spawning in have choices before being confronted with an opponent.

    Technical: 16/20
    Solid brushwork and AI works throughout, but use of light actors is excessive.

    Visual: 18/20
    This level uses a theme, or a variation on a metal/industrial theme I have not yet seen before and it does it well. The level is cleverly trimmed using trim in materials, and these materials, combined with the lighting work, is surprisingly easy on the eyes.
    The sky works well, but it also highlights the one visual element of the level I don't like (though I understand why it's there), which is that all the geometry in the level ends at precisely the same point, which, for all the visual things the level does right, seems jarring.
    Still, overall the visual quality of the level is quite astonishing for the limitations given, and the use of new materials in an existing theme makes it look fresh and unique.

    Creativity: 16/20
    Clever use of theme and brushes throughout. The twist on a techy theme by adding the separate wall colours made the level look fresh.
    PC Download:
    FTP -PC - 15MB .rar
    UT3 GoW

    PS3 Download:
    FTP - PS3 - 10MB .JAM
    UT3 GoW

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    But didn't the rules say that you are not allowed to use static meshes (these lights seem to be static meshes to me) or is that an exception because it would look stupid if there were no light sources and what's with the lettering? Was it made by using the brush sinking technique or is it a projector (if they are still called "projector" in UE3. I think projectors weren't allowed either)?

    Other than that: Looks very colorful and interesting. Quite the opposite of stock UT3 maps. Downloading

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    Only meshes used are the two lifts and gameplay elements weapons/ammo/health etc.

    The lights are in the materials. As are the trims Kept a close eye on the rules

    PS3 link being added to first post right now...

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    This is epic. It blows my attempt out of the water (though I don't have time to finish it now anyway).

    Upload to mpuk server k thx.

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    look good crazy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cr4zyB4st4rd View Post
    Only meshes used are the two lifts and gameplay elements weapons/ammo/health etc.

    The lights are in the materials. As are the trims Kept a close eye on the rules
    Oh, well. Then I guess you have good chances to win the contest. This map is great.

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    crazy I though you had smoke some "maria" When I saw this map but hell its great dude! Thx and good luck with the champiomship

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    Hey Crazy

    This look very interesting, very lite.

    Will give it a go & I'm sure it's a very good map knowing your great skills

    GL for the contest & THX for the map.

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    Thank you

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    Fun map. I think you've got a good shot at winning the contest.

    One small surprise was that my frame rate dropped into the 30's when looking at the elevator next to the shield belt. I rarely get under 60fps in any map and especially not in a HOLP-style map so you've got something a little wacky there.

    Thanks for the map!

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