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Thread: UDK Mobile documentation!

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    UDK Mobile documentation!

    Are you ready to make amazing mobile games with the UDK?!? Well, we're ready to help you!!

    Let's start off with some UDN documentation:

    Getting started with Unreal Engine 3 for Mobile may seem intimidating at first, but there is a lot of info out there (and lots of friendly, helpful people around here) if you have questions. Here are some links to pages that you will find useful:

    UDN Mobile Home is a good place to get started; there are many links to different facets of developing for mobile devices.

    Creating Mobile Content

    • Creating Materials for Mobile Platforms is a must-read for making sure the awesome materials you make can be viewed properly both in the editor and when you get it to your device.

    Deploying UDK Content to Your Device

    • You can view your content on your mobile device using the iPhonePackager to handle signing and provisioning. Note: You must be a registered iOS developer in order to complete the signing and provisioning process.

    And there's so much more where that came from- when in doubt, check Unreal Engine 3 for Mobile or UDN Mobile Home.

    Now go make something Unreal!

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    Designing for Mobile

    In your doc designing for Mobile, there are a few points that I do not understand. Could someone elaborate?

    "In the following screenshot some tricks are used when textures are render out from max such as Z facing: "

    Does the above mean that you do a "render to texture" a tangent space normal map and combine the result into the Diffuse?

    "Some of the tricks used in Epic's products are to shift hues or applied a gradient map of colors to it and set it to soft light. "

    Please explain what the above means.


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    Is there documentation on exporting a scene from standard UDK to UDK Mobile? I can't seem to find any, and Switch Platform->Mobile Isn't working

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    "Switch Platform" simply restarts the editor, switching to either UDKGame or MobileGame game settings and content. You could also just load either editor using the Start Menu shortcuts created by the UDK installer.

    The UDKGame and MobileGame editors are binary-compatible. That is, you can copy/rename packages and maps between the two content directories, and for the most part things will just work.

    However, fully porting an existing game to mobile may require many additional steps. For example, you'll need to update your materials with mobile-specific settings, add support for touch-based input, etc. Don't forget to copy over your script code as well!

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    With clever tweaking of the INI files, you can make MobileGame use your UDKGame folder .. though it's not clear to me yet if it will cause any significant problems. It doesn't -seem- to, but the mobile previewer doesn't work right for me even without any tweaks, and I don't have an iThing to truly test things on.

    Is there a document that details specifically what primary differences are between the Mobile and regular engine? Like I could've swore I've read all the docs, and I didn't know about the Mobile materials settings until I read it somewhere here .. I may be missing things, though, my brain isnt working right lately.

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    Thank you for the help, I will do that. It is just an environment I have been working on, so there is no code. Is there a specific process needed for touch input if it is just an environment?

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    needing a MAC to distribute? WTF? who really owns a mac around here?

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    I'm going to guess the people over in the "is UDK coming to OSX" threads.

    I'll be obtaining a used one shortly after I obtain my first iThing, I think.

    Not much Epic can do about the requirement, if the software to submit to the app store only works on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eldraco View Post
    Is there documentation on exporting a scene from standard UDK to UDK Mobile? I can't seem to find any, and Switch Platform->Mobile Isn't working
    Same problem, it ask me if i want to switch, i press yes but nothing happen, no restart.

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