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Thread: Custom Characters (non humanoid) with custom skeleton

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    Custom Characters (non humanoid) with custom skeleton

    I am trying to create an flying drone npc.
    I have created the mesh and skeleton in maya and exported it, I have created my animsets and animtrees, and created a custom collision in PHAT.

    Because this is a flying drone it will not need any of the UDK pawn animations, so I am using my own custom skeleton. (surely you only need to use the UDK skeleton if using their animations?)

    When I spawn the drone using kismet everything is ok animations all playing etc. however the collsions aren't correct until the Drone has been destroyed (i'm assuming this is because PHAT is only for ragdoll physics).
    The drone only seems to a have a very small collsion area at its center.

    I cant create the drone as a vehicle and give it per poly bone collsions as I need it to behave like a bot.

    Any Ideas?

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    Looks like the collisioncylinder might be too small:

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    Yeah I looked at that and if I make my pawn 'placeable' and increase the collsioncyclinder the collsion area increases, but reading the documentation CollisiosnCylinders are not really used any more (after Ut2003).
    I'm after a more accurate collision.
    Reading up on it over the last few days it souds as though characters collisions are calculated by their bones? (vehicles per poly bone)

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