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Thread: about my project...

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    about my project...

    hello every one...i need to understand some thing...

    lets say i packaging some maps in udk (any maps)

    when i install That package ....

    the files will install in open source ...I Mean Anyone can go inside my projects and explore my project if he install udk...because there is upk file included...

    my question ...if i licensed my compiler will give some coding to my filles so can't any one see the magic...

    that's correct or not...

    i search in web to reed some answers about taht... but could not find.... if any one have clue help me...

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    Yeah... I don't think that the UDK requires you to distribute the source but I am really lazy and puppy right now (I have been using the word puppy for bad words to bypass the censor recently... spread the word, I want to make it a meme), so I guess I can't say for absolute certainty that you are totally incorrect, and I respect your views on the matter, even though they are in opposition to mine.

    How's that, is anyone offended by that (I want to be nicer)?

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    You could strip your source from the code, using the stripsource commandlet, but that's not going to stop anyone who actually wants your code, because they can just decompile it, anyway. There's not a program in the entire world that someone can't reverse engineer.

    Odds are pretty good, if you're asking this question, you don't have any "magic". You'll be doing the same stuff that people have been doing for 11 years in UnrealScript. Odds are pretty good you're not going to be doing anything revolutionary, anything that no one else in the history of Unreal has thought about, etc.

    AND, even if you are, someone can just play your game, see how it works, and write new code to do the same thing.

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    you have a good point...
    there programs cant take you model from open gl or direct x..while your game is running...some thing like that...

    this is famous problem...

    but (udk staff) must found way to protect UDK least from Unreal Engine 3 ... nothing more....

    iam not thinking in selfishness way...

    but let say you have architectural project with some office..they ask some interactive walk through did it and give your installation in demo way (like water mark or some thing )so to take final approve ...they take your project and remove water mark and your out...i don't want be negative person ...but this is life......and you must protect you self

    soooo...from you saying ..there is no solution either if i licensed the unreal or not...

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    OpenGL is harder, but yes you can take the models but generally they'll be stuck in the position of the frame, and it doesn't export animations or rigs (at least I don't know one that does, which isn't saying much) so for the people who are honestly doing that to obtain your model to use it for their own thing it's probably useless. You could fix it relatively easily in Zbrush or if someone's good in their 3D app, but realistically someone that can do that would probably just make their own model.

    As for the code, yeah it's probably not going to be totally hidden. I mean everything that's needed to run the game is going to be there, which is to say, really, the source which they can get to by reverse engineering it. And that's how someone might also get the models with animations but it seems unlikely to me. Then there's a lot of install protection, which I think should be far ahead of your worries of someone stealing your content.

    Although, I have no idea what files UDK publishes to, so I guess if someone made something to extract the contents it might work on everything made with UDK.

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    The cooking process will render most of your content un-extractable, or at the very least make it rather difficult to do so. As for script, which seemed to be what you're asking for, there is a "stripsource" commandlet that comes with UDK (or at least, it used to? i never look for it, since I don't use it -- I learned by reading other game's code, I'm not real hip on hiding my code from other people, once it's released) that will take the text version of your code out of the .U files.

    Anyone who really wants your stuff, though, will take it. That's why copy protection is useless.

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    as you say... if there someone expert and he can do all process...he probably make his own project...but i don't like some beginner replace some logo with other logo in fast way....just hoping from udk staff to make it a little harder..

    i don't care if some expert can modify my project...just not without effort...

    by the way.... i package some default maps came with udk...and install it ...
    game install the same way as udk install...and i have the ability to open maps with all future....and the source code...i don't mind if some can see the source......
    probably my code will looks stupid ...and any one try read it ....he will think about suicide .....

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