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Thread: "Multiple Monitors" via local LAN

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    Question "Multiple Monitors" via local LAN

    I am looking into creating a multiple monitor setup for a UDK demo for my University and I'm running into a roadblock.

    Here's my example setup: I have three separate servers with each monitor placed against each other. The center computer would be the "driving" pc and the left/right computers would look at the state of the center computer and display what its looking at but at a different FOV. I'm trying to create an immersive display environment similar to a Google Liquid Galaxy.

    My question: Is there native functionality to do this or would I have to write this code from scratch? Has this been done? Any tips? I'm very proficient with Unreal and I even taught a course in level design at my University but I haven't touched the networking side yet and I'm looking for any advice anyone might have!

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    The Driving Simulator thing in the Showcase does this, and is written in UnrealScript, although it's not available to the public. But, it does show that this can for sure, be done.

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    Thanks! That's exactly the technique I need. I'm glad it's at least possible!

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    I'd try shooting them an e-mail, I'm sure it's not some kind of secret.

    They may be using a solution external to UDK, however.

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