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Thread: Need help on how to create lava!

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    Question Need help on how to create lava!

    Guys, I have a level I want to put lava in. I want it fluid and animated kind of like the water materials used in UDK. I am not very proficient with the material editor, looks greek to me. I have a lava volume, it works fine, I just need a decent lava-esque material to add to the surface.

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    Do you already have the desired texture? If you use Gimp than create a new template and go into filters-Render-Clouds-Difference clouds. Set the X to 11 and the Y to 12 set tileable and turbulent. Save it go into UDK. If you already have it here is my set up it isn't the best Lava but it looks alright.
    He is the Texture setup-

    Uploaded with
    Normal Map Setup-

    Uploaded with
    Finished product-

    Uploaded with

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    Max Power
    Here's another fancy pants molten material. A bit less repetitive than panning a material over itself.

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    Thanks, guys for your help... except one thing... what is the solid box with the numbers on top? they look like coordinates?

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    That is a float3. You can make one by holding the number 3 on your keyboard and clicking in the mat editor window.

    When you select it, you can choose which 3 numbers you want. What they are doing is multiplying the red, green, and blue color values in their lava. The first number is red, second is blue, third is green. Since they are multiplying, you can think of this as brightness/tint control. The higher a number is, the brighter that color will be. So, if you make the first number higher, there will be more red.

    Also, the TexCoord in MaxPower's example is set to an x and y tiling of less than 1. I don't know the exact value. You'll have to play with it and see what looks good. If you set the texcoord at less than 1, it makes the texture tile fewer times. Basically, it enlarges the texture. So, when he combines the texture twice, one of them is larger than the other. The rotators can also have their speed adjusted to whatever you think looks best.

    With lava, it usually works best if you have all of the panners and rotators set at slightly different speeds. It'll make the lava seem more random and churning.

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    I created a pretty in-depth tutorial on making a lava effect. It's a little bit different then what you'd expect, though I'm not sure if it's what you're really looking for.

    Here's a pretty detailed primer that I wrote on using the Material Editor too This should get you up to snuff and making your own materials pretty quickly and easily.

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