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Thread: Running console command with a string option.

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    Running console command with a string option.

    I know uiscene is now unsupported but I'm still making my stuff in flash right now i wanna make a placeholder ui. My question is how can I make the UIaction_consolecommand run with a string option. In my player controller I have a function that loads a character but it needs a string to go with it.

    exec function loadcharacter(String charactername) {

    Thats the name of the function. So how can I make it so it also runs with a string.

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    ... that's how you do it.

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    No, i meant how can I use the uiaction_consolecommand with a string option. Like extend a new class file with a string var of charactername. I really dont know how to be clearer im sorry.

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    I mean how can I execute my console function in uiscene with a string input option too.

    cause my function is: exec function loadcharacter(String charactername) {
    the console command would be: loadcharacter mycharacter
    so how would I do that it uiscene.

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    Use the Console Command kismet action, and put your command in it ... ??

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