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Thread: Kinect for UDK..?

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    That is the point, Maya for example has a new tool to use two cameras’ to do simple mo cap that comes with the build (when using mo cap sensors and just straight forward video footage). Not a big leap I think for this to work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deranged View Post
    Seriously, stop trolling. We obviously know what kinect is meant for, I mean WTF? The point of this thread is to discuss weather it can also be used as a cheap motion capture device for animators. I don't really like using kinect to actually play the game, especially in a shooter. Proceed.
    I was not trolling believe me you will know when Im trolling. I was saying to those who think Kinect uses animations like the wii when in fact the player creates animations using the Kinect. Kinect is already MotionCap equipment on a fundamental level. But if it where to become a mocap tool it wont be some easy way to create animation you still have to know how mocap works but you would be turning all the different kinect data into a useable animation data for 3d application from their you would be still fixing and tweaking it. If kinect did become a mocap alternative you would still need say Motionbuilder (a mocap rdy app by autodesk). It wont be a easy way to create all your games animations. It will still require you know how to be a motion capture artist and know the pipeline and the new kinect pipeline.It may be cheaper but it wont be easier.

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    this was done using naturalpoint's optitrack systems

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hboybowen View Post
    It may be cheaper but it wont be easier.
    Yes, it will. With the RIGHT software/plugin Kinect camera mo-cap data would be totally usable for animation. Especially if it was saved to a common mo-cap/animation format like bms.

    Would it need tweaking? Sure. Every animator tweaks

    Natualpoint looks like a fine product. But here is (a potential) one that costs $4,850.00 LESS

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    And check this one out as well.

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    Heya, for an api using Kinect for Windows SDK -->

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