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Thread: showmethatagain : static mesh & foliage tutes

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    showmethatagain : static mesh & foliage tutes

    Hi Everyone,

    I've uploaded two new tutes in the UDK series at my site : : vegetation - object & lighting basics (26 mins, 90 MB) : vegetation - foliage based grass (40 mins, 123MB)

    I'm now working on the final terrain tute which is all about making your own trees in the speedtree modeller and getting them going in the UDK.

    Hope they help

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    another time thanks, I was see all of the tutorials and there were awsome.

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    A little warning, the latest release (october) has had foliage stripped out of it, so the foliage tutorial above won't work for you if that's the version you're using.

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    Thanks again, your tutorials are still good, and helpfull, .

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    Thanks for your work and of course thanks for sharing! But i got a simple and small question, whats the alternative for foliage in general since it has been removed in the october release?

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    Not sure on that one Flynt... maybe manually placing static meshes with multiple LODs (with the last one being an empty mesh)?

    I've still got a few things I want to cover in environment so I'll probably keep going on them then hopefully by that time epic will have reintroduced something for doing grass...

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