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Thread: UDK Saves vanished - Can I restore them?

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    UDK Saves vanished - Can I restore them?

    I just sat here working in UDK, I had this really sweet concept going, possibly the best map I've done yet. Ever.

    Somehow UDK crashed when I was fiddling around with textures and when I restarted UDK, the nightmare began. My recent saves were gone, completely gone and all I had was this old version with almost nothing on it. What the hell just happened? I've googled and I haven't found any answers.

    Basically my question is; Is there any way to retrieve the lost data or saves?
    I'm actually sad right now, this freaking sucks. Worst crash in my level design history..

    I'm almost at the brink of BRB, SUICIDE right now
    Can anyone help me?

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    did you check in the AutoSaves folder?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blade[UG] View Post
    did you check in the AutoSaves folder?
    I .. freaking .. LOVE YOU!

    BAH how could I not think of that, lol. Thanks a lot!

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    This happened to me as well but when i load in from an autosave, all my static meshes and materials have gone too

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