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Thread: Where do I put my content files?

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    Where do I put my content files?

    Hi guys I'm new here

    I'm having trouble knowing where to put my content files that I refer to in my code.

    I thought I could just put the folder containing the upk in UDKGame/Content
    So for example I have a file at UDKGame/Content/MyWeapons/weapon.upk

    and in my code I refer to it as 'MyWeapons/weapon'

    but I get unresolved reference warnings

    Do I have the wrong end of the stick here?


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    StaticMesh'MyPackage.MyItemName' for a Static Mesh.

    Right click on the resource in the content browser, and select Copy Full Name To Clipboard.

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    Extended version of Blade[UG]'s answer because I was already typing it...

    Quote Originally Posted by lukesmith View Post
    and in my code I refer to it as 'MyWeapons/weapon'
    What do you mean by this? I assume in your defaultproperties? When referring to assets in code you use the following format:
    Or an actual example:
    This means the asset is a static mesh named S_Ammo_ShockRifle located in the Ammo_Shock group of the Pickups package. You need to use this same format for your own content. An easy way to get the reference is to copy it from the Content Browser by right-clicking on the asset and choosing Copy Full name to Clipboard. Then just paste that into your code.

    The folder the package is in is irrelevant other than needing to be in the Content folder at the very least.

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    You are so much better than me at answering questions, Jeff. (seriously)

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    Ah I see thanks guys

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blade[UG] View Post
    You are so much better than me at answering questions, Jeff. (seriously)
    That's because the answers seem obvious to you, I guess
    Also I always appreciate your answers Blade, you're like a UDK encyclopedia to me

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