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Thread: Where to download height maps

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    U F O

    Where to download height maps

    Hello all .Hope y'all doing' fine.

    so i have this "problem" now so thought y'all can help me out.
    i want to create a small island terrain , but i dont want to do the unreal terrain stuff. i want a high res high quality terrain height map that i can download. so any ideas where i can download them ?

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    Tom Shannon
    This document contains pretty much everything you need to know about getting terrain data into the UDK:

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    Take a look at this thread:

    It goes over the basics of creating and using heightmaps. The Worldmachine link that they give is a really nice tool. The free version has a max output size of 513, which just happens to be the max heightmap size that UDK will accept.

    Download Worldmachine and open some of their tutorial maps. You'll be able to create some really nice terrain with it.

    Also, there is this thread, which describes how to use real life locations to make heightmaps. I made a test map with this a few months ago. It took a while to do all of the conversions, but it worked fairly well.

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    U F O
    thanks guys ! really appriciated.

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    Actual USGS data


    This is the site where we get our acurate topo data for our architectural work.

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