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Thread: Getting Started with Scaleform & UDK

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    *ahem* mr. Doyle, I was wondering if we ever get to see part 5 of the ScaleForm HUD tutorials?

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    Thank you very much! It so needed stuff!

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    Hello, I`m working in adobe flash cs5, installed in extend manager Scaleform, writing gfxplayer.exe, preference root c:\UDK\...\Clik

    , but when I clik in Test with FxMediaPlayer in file CLIK_tutorial_skinned

    there are 21 compiler errors and don`t play animation in player.

    Also in log 18 errors Get Variable Failed.. What`s can it be?

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    hi guys ...
    i have problem with allar tutorials for creating scaleform menu ....
    the resolution button not working but in his video it's work good .... how i can solve this problem???

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    stealth eh
    I <3 UDK
    Just installed the Scaleform panel into Flash CS5..
    I can't wait to learn everything

    I would really like to go to Unreal University.
    Does anyone know there website ? ...or if they have online classes ? ...or classes in Canada ?

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    So I just did the tutorial using flash develop and vectorian Giotto and it all worked great! My question is how would I create an additional button that could lead to functioning "sub buttons" for an option menu etc? And if that's possible, would I be able to follow the clik component tutorials or would I have to write some basic code flash develop to make this work?

    My goal is to expand upon this tutorial and add an options menu and credits menu? Any direction you guys suggest I should take? Hell how to set up FsCommands to get it working using kismet would be awesome as well!

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    Any chance of some basic menu swiping tutorials for Scaleform iOS?

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    Thank you for this incredible resource

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    Hey Guys I just wend through part 5 of the eleven part series and I'm confused about the pop up that says we have to use a delay right after "Open GFx Movie" I think that is whats messing up my file. I'm using the 11-2011 build of udk and it seems to not be working exactly right. everything else is fine up to this point.

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    Nvm. if anyone else is having the same problem make sure your World Properties have the game mode set to "UTDeathMatch" Great tutorials Mr. Doyle

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