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Thread: UDK Frontend v1.0.6.5

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    Another minor suggestion I have that would be useful at least to me. A shortcut to the last launch logs. If you could put a dropdown box showing just the last ones, not the backups would be awesome (just the ones matching Launch(_[0-9]+)?.log .. or something like that)

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    Would there be any reason why my extra options are not working?

    They work fine with the original UDK Frontend

    e.g. ?game=cqb.cqbteamgame?alladmin?listen

    does nothing at all and runs the default game.

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    Those extra options work with Unreal Frontend because it doesn't add a space between the map name and the extra options box.

    UDK Frontend does add a space, so to make it work, you'd need to write 'MapName?game=cqb.cqbteamgame' in the 'Map To Play' box. Add '-alladmin' to the 'Extra Options' box, then just press the Server button which adds the ?listen flag automatically.

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    Ah I now see how it works.

    Many thanks

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    can you please explain me how i can make a online game with this (server, ad client ip and so on) i've made a therd were i asked for this but noone can realy help me

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    I just dl'ed and set up this custom front end. This is an excellent replacement for the offical front end for those who are custom to the older version of it.

    One small change you might want consider is to rename the application from just being "UDK Frontend" to something slightly different so that others understand this is a custom Frontend package. Just a though to consider.

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    This makes every thing 110% better for udk! you rock my friend! I dreaded when ever I had to click on the cake icon.

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    Heh, not sure if this is doable... but can you implement a MINIMIZE option for the Content Browser? Can get a tad annoying at times.

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    Is this still being worked on at all?

    I'd like to get the 32 bit/64 bit options fixed, since you currently launch it "properly" and let the game decide which executable to fire off. It is nice, except there are certain things that don't work in 64 bit, such as Steam interface

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    Hi research is your tooll still supported ?

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