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Thread: Music influenced FPS?

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    Music influenced FPS?

    Hello every1!
    I'm back again.
    I have a weird idea but I don't know if it can be done with the free UDK.
    I have this idea since I was 9 yo.

    My game idea is an FPS game influenced by music.
    It's like Audiosurf or BeatHazard + Painkiller.
    I would make a Painkiller like game,I could do that part alone,but my question is:
    Is there a way to make the engine scan or even analyze a music and then,spawn monsters according to it's volume,beats etc.
    Or at least,for the first stage of development,no need to analyze,but is there a way to use a certain music on a map,and if it's volume is 10,then the monster spawns are 10x.

    If this is possible and maybe even some1 is interested,PM me,email me or just simply reply,thank you.

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    It'd be better to sync scripted events to the audio rather than just having it do it automatically. The only reason I can see that as being useful is if you want it so players can set it to use their own music.

    Scripting it would allow you to have more control

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    Well,yes,it would use the music,what the players add into the game.
    I know what you mean,and I understand the difference between scripted events syncing and analyzing every single music.

    If you have any idea how this could be possible,could you help me?
    I'm very experienced in UDK overall,except Uscript.Too bad

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    I know nothing about coding, and honestly, I don't think it's a very good idea to let people add their own music files. You would have limits to what format could be used which could make things confusing for players.

    And personally, I would be more interested in a game that designed really well with built-in tracks rather than a gimmick that allows you to use your own that just kind of works.

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    It would have built in tracks also,but I would add the option for the players to add their own mp3.
    I guess I have to figure out how to make that syncing happen.
    Thanks anyway

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    well Guitar hero analyzed there own songs at first and then added them to the game so you could do it your self and add songs as time goes on and the demand goes up or whatever but you could instead of having the engine completely select everything you time everything using by watching the beat and the songs notes

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    Probably you are right :-S
    I would actually add about 15-20 songs in the game and that is enough XD
    I also would add a coop mode to play with friends :P
    I can do the whole game alone,but I need programmers for this to be realized

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    you could write something in DLLbind that watched the windows audio output and sent you relevant information..

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    I don't know how to do that.As I said,I know nothing about Uscript,I'm familiar only with Kismet and with UDK overall..

    If some1 could help me with ideas in this,that would be perfect.
    Or if some1 could give me a tutorial or at least give me a hint how to do it,I will do it by myself.

    Thanks again

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    well, first, you need to be able to do what you want to do in C++

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