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    Does someone point to make a web to him (slightly probable) or to do a few signatures in order that epic games puts in udk some button or tool of shaping seemed those of the z brush and already of step that quieten the vertex paint?

    pd:Already it is time of that udk has one z brush implemented in order that it could be better than cry engine 3

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    ...I think I've got it after some astral connection with the gods of googletranslationism

    He's asking people if anyone has made a public plea for Epic to include a transparency option in their paint tools. Asking if people have done this in the form of "signatures" and "websites"

    PS : apparently it is already time for Epic to implement this in order to keep up with Cry3ngine...

    As a sidenote, my brain is now bent out of shape so badly that I'm seeing in ultraviolet.

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    You're a Discworldian Wizard? Oh wait, that's Octamarine.. nevermind

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