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Thread: The Hunter

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    The Hunter

    Hello all. The Hunter is my new character. I used 3DMax for modeling, rig and render. Mudbox for modeling and Texture and Photoshop for color correction.

    This character is for a project I am doing, with this image I tried to show the power and soul of this dragon called Hunter.

    I used a displacement map and Mental Ray to render.

    Hope you like. Thanks.

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    Very nice, but why did you tag this as a tutorial?

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    I like just about everything about your dragon except the texture, which basically looks like just a noisy brown and doesn't conform really at all to any of the details you've sculpted into the normal map and displacement. I really think you need to go in and spend as much time on the texture as you have on everything else because right now it looks too much like a sand, mud or stone sculpture rather than a living creature. Don't get me wrong, this is a pretty awesome dragon, but there is a lot of lost potential in the coloring of it.

    The only other thing I would critique is the eye placement as I simply don't like it. It's in the back of the head and most living beings have the eyes near the center of the side profile, giving them balance. Dragons tend to have the corners of the mouth sit behind the eyes. Dont' get me wrong, this is your creation and I'm just giving an opinion but to me the eye placement makes him look less intelligent of a creature.

    Otherwise a pretty impressive design.

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    Impressive... but let's see you get that into UDK.

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    woah, thats great

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    Get it into the UDK and into a nice scene will be impressive.

    Whats the poly count?

    Overall good design.

    Why is this tagged as [TUTORIAL]?

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    RhinoMatte Hi, thanks, because I will put here some production files, I want to make a lot tests with this Dragon.

    Hitpawz: Thanks for your comment. I must agree with you, I'm posting some new images so you can see more the texture details. Hope you like the color and eye position this time.

    Hyper_Shado: Thanks, hope some day to make that like a real game development is awsome.

    richard_c: Thanks man

    paulv2k4: Sorry for that tutorial button, maybe I did something wrong. In any case I will post a lot stuff about this project here, I'm making animation, new renders and a lot more. The character have 12k

    Here are some new images, hope you like:

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    How did you make a 12k creature look so detailed? I still have no idea how people make this stuff...

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    Very Impressive

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyper_Shado View Post
    How did you make a 12k creature look so detailed? I still have no idea how people make this stuff...
    That's what you have normal maps, high resolution textures and materials (shaders) for.

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