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Thread: UCBP Beta C-2014 Upload (mutators and maps from Unreal Championship 1 & 2)

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    Here is additional hope for a final release .

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    I keep forgetting to mention. I tried updating the Unreal Championship weapons to the new version and they aren't working in game. If I go into Weapons in Settings, the guns show up but the models are incorrect. How do I properly install them? The old versions work though for some reason so I reverted with a restore point.

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    Hey Sly don't suppose you have a link to the fixed version of this mod the weapons don't work in game they're all there ready to use (in Mesh Browser) but the game doesn't recognise them i'm guessing it's an issue with the
    UC1Weapons.u file

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    maybe out before people start school again..........not me of course........I'm really old

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    Private Tux
    Bumpy! Any updates for revealing upcoming maps to your pack?

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    ut2k4 player
    I return and this ain't released yet ಠ_ಠ

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    relate to this thread? were there uc2 weapons in the works? I've seen a dead link to an alpha uc2 sniper, but that was all

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    can anybody please upload a version that actually works seem to have been waiting ages for this and still no movement even in somebody can post a link to a working version I would appreciate it as the links posted on here download a broken version where the weapons don't work in the game all the models and everything is there but only the maps seem to work

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    to all having trouble with posted version, I pulled the UC1 weapon files straight from my install & they are working for me... hope they work for y'all too

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    well done papasfritas absolutly spot on exactly what I've been waiting for guys this file works so any problems download Cheers Dude

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