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Thread: Making a Skeletal Control to move an arm

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    thanks for the tutorial Cozmicaztaway, very usefull thing ....

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    That's a great tutorial!

    Unfortunately, I couldn't manage moving my player pawn's hand in an acceptable way. I've tried many combination of different bone amounts, maximum angles and some other parameters, but I couldn't get a satisfying result.

    I couldn't find a b_RightWeapon bone in my CH_AnimHuman_Tree, so I tried tieing the SkelControl_CCD_IK (labeled 'RightArmIK') with some other bones, but none of them worked like the way I wanted. All the difference between what I do and told in the tutorial is the bones connected to the RightArmIK. I would greatly appreciate that if someone would give me any idea about which bone should be attached to our RightArmIK in the new version of UDK and what their parameters are.

    Thanks in advance,

    Ahmet K. Keleş

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    hmm how would you go about getting this to attach to a socket or even another skeletal mesh like a gun rather than fallow where i am aiming?

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    Perhaps this is a stupid question, but how can I define an arm move that is performed when the player clicks with the mouse? (for example for hitting something or somebody)

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    Possible to use this in a FPS game for e.g. pushing buttons?

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    Thanks for this. Used this post to start digging into Skeletal Controllers and am now hooked.

    Here's a clip of a recent bit of work, controlling bird wings with XBox joysticks through CCD_IK's.

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    Would this work for First person arm controls?

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