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Thread: "Unreal 1 HD"

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    It was on hold for the last weeks as I was gone and I'm still taking a break, however, next week I'll be back on track and show some more progress.
    There are a few lighting issues on the wall plate static meshes in the ventilation room or whatever it is, I mean the room before the end of the level. I'll have to do the lighting with projectors there.

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    Is there any progress so far?

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    I'm currently replaying UG, I still find amazing how the game still pulls me in like back then.

    I hope your still working on this would love to see it rolling.

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    PM sent, I would love to help on this project.

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    The game is still just as great today, its when you look at it technically, the models need a detail upgrade. You don't want to change the "look" but many flat textured details can today be made full models. The other part of the game is its "mystery", so much is unexplained/unexplainable and you can't communicate with the locals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gmax5 View Post
    PM sent, I would love to help on this project.
    PM sent too.
    Quote Originally Posted by iLikeTheUDK View Post
    Is there any progress so far?
    Yup, now there is again, now that I have spare-time I can get back to that annoying lighting error in the ventilator-/air-conditioning-/cargo-/whateverthatroomissupposedtobe-room. I'm more than just close to removing the bug!

    As I've mentioned in the thread at UOF, I wanted to show some screenshots some time ago, but life got me all busy. That was the reason I could not fix the bug and why no screenshots of the room were posted. Other than that, there are not many changes on the other rooms, mostly some minor things like better lightmaps, a few little warning stripes here and there and such stuff. Still need to achieve this destroyed look, right now everything is all-fine, as if there was no crash at all - except for the corpses that is.

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    Cool! I can't wait to try out your mod when it is done sly. Hopefully Epic decides to make a remake of Unreal and Na Pali based on your mod. I don't see why they wouldn't. I don't know if Epic are making any new games at the moment but it shouldn't take them that long to redo Unreal 1 and Na Pali in UE3 graphics. Really I'd rather them remake Unreal 1 and Na Pali in UE3 graphics and leave yet to come UE4 for a new Unreal game (hopefully Unreal 4).

    Good luck. I'd like to see how you are going to do the skaarj and krall and mercenary's in Unreal 1. Wish I could help but I have a few of my own projects I want to do UT3 which includes 5 new weapons, some maps and an Unreal Invasion gametype mod like that of in UT2004. I will contribute to the poll and give my signature soon once I make one.

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    This is an old old old wish, that we wanted before 2k3 and 2k4 for UT1 and Unreal.
    The argument is that many fans would like it redone, the problem is if it were redone it is a 're-hash'.
    Epic fears that no one would buy it and the old fans are getting older and wouldn't have time to play it anyway. A lot of content would have to be re-created that most assuredly would be changed some how, because they just don't like re-inventing the wheel.
    Remember too that these are the people who put the horse behind the cart: "From the Award Winning Studio who brought you Gears of War"
    So, unless a miracle happens, I don't think Epic cares to go back and make some residual cash.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skred View Post

    I'm all for moving forward, not backward.
    I don´t think that moving forward is necessarily a step in the right direction. Let me explain.

    a) Multiplayer (Deathmatch, CTF, ..., NOT Coop)
    In the beginning a shooter had poor/pure graphics and about six weapons. Each good for its own purpose. And that was enough.
    I really enjoyed Unreal and Quake I, II and III for years. Especially with great mods such as RealCTF or Rocket Arena I really had a blast.

    But then we had to move "forward". With each iteration we had to deal with more weapons, more detailed graphics, more features and more gimmicks. Suddenly we had to deal with the "one UT Flak gun for all purposes" and many other weapons which didn´t have a distinct role.

    A good shooter doesn´t need any other weapons than these:
    1. Deadly Melee
    2. Unaccurate short range
    3. Finishing pie shooter
    4. Effective mid range beam
    5. Ballistic weapon, grenades or so
    6. Rocket launcher with a slow travel speed and good splash damage
    7. Sniper rifle
    8. The ASMD ^^

    None of these weapons should kill with one hit. Except the ASMD combo or a loaded 8-ball of course.

    A good shooter shouldn´t have too detailed graphics. It just plain sucks if everything in the valley in front of you moves and one of those pixels is an enemy and all other shaking pixels are just leafs in the wind. In Unreal it was fine - if it moves and it is red => it is an enemy. Shoot it.

    A good shooter shouldn´t have any vehicles or planes. A shooter should be fast paced action where everyone should have the chance to get to an equal level in about 30s after death.

    Unreal had all this. It was the perfect FPS. I even liked the true netcode. With a ping of 150 you had to aim in front of your opponent. Once you had a feel for lag, it was simple to kill something. The predicting netcode of UT was a little bit weird sometimes. Especially close quarter combat was pure luck, because the netcode was so unaccurate.

    Unreal and QIIIA were the best Shooters I´ve ever played, because they awarded skill. When I faced a not so good player in Unreal, it was a sure thing to beat him 20:0. In UT with all those one-shotting weapons it usually went 20:6 against equally skilled opponents. Just because of lucky shots - how silly.

    The maps! I loved the maps in Unreal. Elevator jumping in Deck 16 - GREAT! Every map in old Unreal had a great flow - until Cliff Bleszinski got them in his hands and remade them as swiss cheese.
    The maps in Unreal had the perfect scale. Who needs maps like the redone Deck 16, which are so large and dull with bad item placement that you only use a small part of that map?

    While Unreal and QIIIA have a great flow, the UT-series has some real flow killers. It starts with the method to doublejump which kills my keybord and my nerves and goes on with the way how to use adrenaline. Weird. Not comparable to strafejumping in QIIIA. Just bad design of a useless feature.

    b) Single player and Coop
    I never - not before and not afterwards - played a game with such a dense athmosphere and great storyline. There are so many scenes burnt in my brain. For example the walk to the sunspire. Wow!

    Conclusion: We need a new Unreal 1. Hurry! :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by dinwitty View Post
    The other part of the game is its "mystery", so much is unexplained/unexplainable and you can't communicate with the locals.
    Which also gives A LOT of potential for a true sequel - In there the mystery could be unveiled. So much people who played Unreal 1 would want it. And a new Unreal game could attract new players in other certain ways - Like the recently announced reboot to "Rise of The Triad".

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