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Thread: Probleme ut2004 on windows7

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    Probleme ut2004 on windows7

    Hello i have bought a new pc with windows7 32-bits and so i installed ut2004 (i bought the downlaod some month ago) .
    But when i run ut2004 the game don't load ,it's blocked on the first pics "ut2004" ,i waited some minut but it still won't load.
    i have hd ati 5770 and installed last drivers .
    there is directx11 in windows 7 so maybe i need install direct x9...
    on my other pc i have xp and it works fine but i want play on my new pc .
    Anyone know how to fix this?

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    You should see UT2004.log and if it has anything in it, pate it to the and give us the link there.

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    Hi greatEmerald ,
    the log was empty .

    I reinstalled it as administrator and it works now .
    only problem i have is about hd5770 ati driver for windows 7 .
    There is not the digital panel dvi menu (same as "Digital vibrance" for nvidea) so can't set it .
    My 5770 is linked to my pc with a dvi cable .

    It's strange because my other pc i have 5770 with xp and it has the digital panel dvi menu.

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