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Thread: Delay loop - having to use "odd" time

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    Delay loop - having to use "odd" time

    Hi there,
    I'm been doing some experimenting with SoundCues and sync-ing ingame events to the music - just for fun really!
    However, I've come across a strange issue with the Delay object within Kismet...

    My music is at 120bpm which makes one beat equal to 0.5secs. So I set up a looped delay object with a delay time of 0.5secs and am counting the number of output triggers so I know how many beats and bars have passed and then I can trigger different events at different points within the musical strcuture.
    The problem is that even though the tempo of the music is exactly 120bpm the delay loop is out of time! I'm having to use a delay time of 0.51secs to ensure that the delay loop and the music stay in time with each other.

    Does anyone know why this would be? I've searched the forums and couldn't find anyone else asking a similar question and also couldn't find anything in the documentation (although I may not be using the right search terms).

    Thanks is advance.

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    YES! exact problem/situation here! I'd love it if this could get solved...

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    Mr Evil
    Probably due to time dilation, which by default is set to 1.05 for PCs, via UTGame.SetGameSpeed.

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    @Mr Evil,
    If possible could you expand upon your reply?
    What is "time dilation"? and how does this affect delay loops?
    Sorry, I'm just trying to understand what's going on...


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    Mr Evil
    Here's what it says in WorldInfo.uc where it is defined:
    var float TimeDilation; // Normally 1 - scales real time passage.
    In other words, if TimeDilation is 2, then 2 game seconds will pass for every 1 real second. Sounds are played in real time, but timers run in game time.

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    OK, thanks


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