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Thread: May UDK Beta Released

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    i have no problems with 64-bit (mostly stock game currently) except that remote 32-bit clients can't connect (local ones can, i checked last night. . . . which is even more strange)

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    Havent tried it out yet. But why does some of the code compile in a december build but not some of the newer ones. wouldnt it make more sense if it would still work. or at least a few months in between.

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    They moved all of the useful native code out of UTGame and into the UDKBase package (or is it UDKGame .. i can never remember unless i'm looking at it). lots of reorganization of things, mostly for the good. Shouldn't be too difficult to get it all working.

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    DL doesnt work, i get the Ionic error(hope you know what i mean) please help me

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    Quote Originally Posted by MVGS View Post
    64 bit UDK.exe simply doesn't work on my rig, an AMD Phenom II X3 720 and ATI HD4850, with Windows 7 ultimate :/

    Hmm, I got the same specs, though I do have only an ATI HD4830 and running a Win 7 x64 Ultimate with 6GB RAM, and the x64 binaries work fine.

    But I do get errors when building the soft-body frame. I don't know if that problem is only on 64-bit binaries or it also happens on 32-bit binaries.

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    May beta Assets Different from the last install?

    I got the May Installer, removed the old UDK and installed this one, now it seems I dont have all the same assets that came with the other one....

    Is this on purpose or have I done something wrong?


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    just to say that the performance issue that was in the may build has gone !!!

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