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Thread: Renegade X: Operation Black Dawn

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    Renegade X: Operation Black Dawn

    It's been a while since our last update, but some very exciting developments have been happening behind the scenes over at Renegade X. Some secrets will be unveiled today in this update, and others will be left aside for another time, soon.

    Renegade X: Operation Black Dawn

    Over the past few months, the team has been busy with several things. In relation to Renegade X, we've been working on porting Renegade X over to the Unreal Development Kit (UDK), which would successfully make Renegade X into a free, standalone indie game. This process has required us to recode some basic elements, and create some new static meshes for the UDK versions. The UDK really is a new beginning in many ways.

    On May 4th 2010, the team released a new image and mysterious riddle. After many elaborate guesses and some pretty close dissections of the riddle, some figured it out: Black Dawn.

    Renegade X: Operation Black Dawn is a standalone singleplayer demo, featuring the UDK. Captain Nick "Havoc" Parker is back, and in a new original level designed from scratch by Totem Arts. The Brotherhood of Nod has captured the renowned GDI scientist Dr. Ignatio Mobius, and have taken him to an island stronghold. GDI's only hope in getting back Mobius is through the use of force!

    *Capture the enemy beachhead under the covering fire of Gunboats!
    *Fight in large scale and covert battles!
    *Witness cinematics, A-10 strikes, cruise missiles, Ion Cannons, hovercrafts, and much more!
    *See the new, improved, and standalone Renegade X visual and audio experience!

    It will act as a preliminary demonstration and a first-hand experience of the new face of Renegade X on the UDK, and what it has to offer. Most of what is being made for Black Dawn will be incorporated in the later multiplayer release of Renegade X - this will act as a step-up towards that final goal.

    Operation Black Dawn Teaser Trailer!

    We've prepared an exciting new teaser to showcase this demo!


    HD (recommended):

    Streaming: (recommended):

    That's it for now - and that's just the beginning. Black Dawn is coming soon to a computer near you! Be sure to keep up with Renegade X in the coming days and weeks for more exciting updates on Renegade X: Black Dawn, and the UDK multiplayer release!

    Latest version (requires Unreal Tournament 3):
    Mod Database:
    YouTube channel:

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    looks very good,Nice trailer..Well done guys.

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    Looks great, I was going to say did you get permission from Westwood studios to make this, but man, that's going back 10+ years, but did you get permission from EA?

    It brings back great memories though, and I'd love to play it. The hand of Nod and the obelisk towers look awesome.

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    Yes, we've got permission from EA a few years ago, and have since been in cahoots with the official C&C team (until they were shut down as of late). We've even appeared on their website, blogs, etc. a few times.

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    this is going to most likely be the first headliner for UDK,are you going commercial with this and if so is Steam in the future?

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    Renegade X is remaining as a free, indie, standalone game. We can't go commercial due to the Command & Conquer themes, but that's fine, we started off as a mod with no intention of going commercial anyhow. As for Steam, time will tell.

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    Looks awesome, good job!

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    Looks awesome, definitely on the same quality level as commercial games (if not above some). Thanks for your hard work and cant wait to play the sp.

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    Yeah awsome.
    Really wonder why EA cancel their C&C shooter project ;/

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    C&C community gave EA a really hard time for screwing up the series. So they pulled the plug on that one, since it was being bashed for what it was supposed to be. Or atleast I think that was the reason.

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